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There's a new version of DualSim Ringtone 1.4.0:

- Added ability to setup 2nd SIM if it's not inserted or failed to be recognized
- Added scroll on sim settings screen
- Added support Samsung devices support
- Fixed different crashes

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The new version 1.3.0 is released. 
What's new:

- Added ringtone play modes
- Fixed crash on ZTE phones
- Ability to not change volume on incoming call/SMS

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We've just released the new version DualSim Ringtone 1.2.0.

Recent changes:
- Added Qualcomm CPU support
- Bugfix

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Meet the new application DualSim Ringtone! It allows you to assign different ringtones for each SIM card.

Download and Rate!

Happy Birthday dear Green Gastronome in Google+!
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