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There are currently 11,000 + individuals mostly in Germany and Netherlands joining together in a class action lawsuit lawsuit against Facebook for a host of privacy and other issues. I will join the lawsuit for facebooks violation of freedom of speech, they have banned me and do not allow access to suppliers of scientific elements involved in research and development. Many companies now use Facebook to communicate with customers and show product specifications'

Facebook personnel that moderate people on Facebook do so without any real world understanding of what they do. I used the word " Niggershed " a very old word used in literary pieces dating more than 100 years, it's like the word "Crackerbox" or any number of words used to describe our perspective, given the realities we persceive.

Facebook using word clustering canned PROGRAMMS with little effort can insert new words and target all Facebook users or groups or individuals they elect to target.

Imagine " WORD POLICE " on the ( Internet ) the new word to describe our telephone network used to allow special citizens given unlimited broadband usage and patent tribunals who allow gangs like Facebook, Microsoft , Google to hold us hostage when we use certain words on the telephone system, filling what was once the free internet with APPS, sites we are directed to whenever we search for information. It's like granting special people the right to words only they can use or shut us down when we use the words they decide we cannot use in our society.

Microsoft has already been kicked out of forcing windows down Europeans phones. They are allowed to force Windows on every phone not apple in the USA, that's how BILL GATES made his billions, at the expense of american citizens when the patent tribunals allowed him to force Windows on our phones, adding his arbitrary cost to our phone bills.

The idea that word translations are inventions are bizarre, other people that get patent rights for programming their right to hold us hostage whenever we use the words they are granted exclusive rights by the corrupt PATENT TRIBUNAL lawyer/judge/tribunal gangs that have destroyed the free internet, the use intended for broadband based Internet or Telephone System where virtually all unclassified data was available to anyone who wanted to understand i new source of information available for the first time without having to attend school to discover the data or look for the invisible sources of data, hidden by the academic caste system.

Thus the information revolution began <<< short time >>> until the MOB entitled their special citizens to end the information revolution lest they be xposed for the criminal gangs they are, in control of the criminal occupational government that is dismantling our military, degrading our economy by NAFTA, FREE TRADE, TTP, used to,export our infrastructure that provided us with more jobs than workers, when we made in America 96% of goods we now import from slave nation's we used to trade freely with the world, currently NOT ALLOWED by the gangs of lawyers, judges, bankstersbanksters gangsters, politicians in positions of power as puppets for the federal reserve private bankster cartel trying to control the entire world money supply.

They fear another KENNEDY, GARFIELD, LINCOLN the "3" dead presidents who tried to end the MOB's control of the U. S. Dollar, each one assassinated for serving the United States of America.

We are held hostage by the positions of power who act outside our constitution without prosecution for the crime of treason they commit, they have Federal DOJ. Power and allow themselves to do whatever they want, currently reallocating assets to themselves and destroying our Military Infrastructure, Economy, while telling us we have the best economy in history and a military the most powerful on earth. Obama continually fires top commanders, and has dismantled our nuclear defense deterrent, Russia has 20,000 + warheads with delivery vehicles, we have 1,000,
Obama and czars have defunded our military, exported our manufacturing infrastructure, shuttered the engineering science educational assets that provided our nation's infrastructure with scientists and engineers, the international trade shows are now minus our nation's companies that provided us and other nations with; materials, instrumentation, equipment, scientists, engineers when we led the world to higher magnitudes of literacy and quality of life ( hundreds of years in development ) destroyed in the last 25+ years with NAFTA, FREE TRADE {{BILL CLINTO}} ENACTMENTS in his promise of more high paying jobs.

Obama's hollow claim of the best economy ever and the lowest unemployment is an astounding lie near 1/3 of our jobless workers cannot hear.

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Learn to use Internet for INFORMATION-SELF EDUCATE, THATS THE INTENDED PURPOSE, searches outside apps and so-called social networking SITES, " Hope " this will restore the free internet, like it was before the Internet status quo popped up with wordclustering programs and websites where you are directed who monitor data released to common people on Internet. MAKE THE TELEPHONE SYSTEM GREAT AGAIN 🔫💎🔨🗡☠☠☠⚰⚰⚰💈📲

Donald Trump is the only candidate running on a promise to make importers pay 35% import taxation. This single action would create economic justification to return our manufacturing infrastructure. If the mega corps do not return our jobs, then new startups would produce goods for the American market, less expensive than offshore production when sold in the United States of America , creating the small business retail/service sector exported into virtual slave nations by Clinton while Obamas making domestic corps pay 49% tax on profits, the highest rate in our world, causing what remained of our manufacturing companies to move offshore then import duty free without any taxation on profits.

Obama/Clinton/etc enact laws they are paid to enact by world corps that are far from interest In our nation's working classes.

From any perspective Trumps tariff plans on goods not made in the United States makes him the only candidate promising to restore our nation's jobs and states how it will be done.

While Free Trade termed World Market allows importers to import without duty, it's a one way street, they make us pay import tax insuring their independent status by making in their country the goods they consume, they use free trade as an economic weapon against our nation.

The occupational self serving government does not represent America .
In the last 6 years more than 1,600 militias have formed, many members are military personnel who left when Obama allowed transgenders and sexual predators to serve in a military that previously banned such troubled people from service. Their significant issue is the incident of transmittable STD's among these troubled people's and the risk to normal members and families when living in close quarters. Near 1/3 professional military left in the last 6 years as Obama fired more than 300 top military commanders, and appointed personnel into positions of power with questionable ability to perform to positional protocol.

Those still in service who would support an armed insurrection is significantly greater than those who would kill fellow Americans if so ordered by current military command central headquarters the Obama appointed gEnErAl aUsTiN

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Trying to post the reality that surrounds the wind-solar-lithium energy situation facing us. It appears the Internet status quo are teaming up in an effort to suppress Truth. Thereby defining the beginning of their end.

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We are a Nation under an Occupational Tyrannical Government ruling with memorandums, executive orders, that has appointed more than 200 homosexuals into positions of power that 50 years ago would have been isolated from our youth and/or jailed to keep our youth from harms way.

Our pseudo elected electorate are gangs of lawyers, judges, banksters, gangsters, politicians who no longer serve the united States of America, and are involved in our destruction as a nation to lead the Free world into higher magnitudes of literacy and quality of life. The last president we had that served our nation was John F Kennedy, murdered for his will to remove the MOB " FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM ": from controlling our nation by manipulation of our financial sector.
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