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Anyone offer any ideas, tricks, tools for managing a computer tech. class in an elementary setting? Thank you.

HI there, looking for ideas for best ways to manage a comp. tech class in elementary. Tricks, tools, etc. Thank you in advance!
Tama Trotti

Looking for input.... I am a third grade teacher and offered to help a teacher incorporate more technology content into her lessons. As tech. integrators I was wondering to what extent are you designing for teachers? Do you give suggestions only, design an entire lesson and the teacher just runs with it or somewhere in the middle? What if the teacher has no knowledge of how to use the app so they can apply it to their lesson? As coaches how do you go about starting? Just curious..... thank you....

Hi everyone - I have been using Google forms and making a scan code so students can scan directly without having to go to their email which has been temporarily suspended because of inappropriate usage. Just a few weeks ago, before suspension, accessing google forms via a scan code was not a problem. However, now the students cannot access the scan code without asking them to sign in. What am I doing wrong? I have googled this issue and tried many different ways but cannot pinpoint what is wrong. Is this now a result of their emails being locked down by our IT? They still have access to google drive.
Many thanks for your help.

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   As much as I am trying to keep up with technology I don't seem to have time to write about it like before. I know Plickers isn't new, but I have recently discovered it and I am really enjoying the ease of formative assessments with this application. Firs...

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Edmodo in the Classroom
  I had played around with Edmodo lots, but had never really gotten the gist of it until I changed my delivery of my homework. You know when you get that "aha"moment..... it came when I realized I could use Edmodo with very little effort on both my part a...

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I filled out form for 9 March, but according to your calendar there weren't any slots available - please let me know if will be possible. Many thanks. We are 3rd grade in Georgia.
I have some dates in January and March for @MysterySkype. We are 4-5th graders from Israel.

we are third grade in Georgia looking for a mystery skype this week or next before break.Anyone.... international.....

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TLIPAD Conference - November 12-14, 2015
   Please join me at the TLIPAD Conference on November 12-14 in North Carolina.   I will be doing a session on Seesaw - the digital portfolio App and more. Come learn all about SeeSaw and the many things you can do all within this one App.

Hi, I teach third grade in Decatur, Georgia and we are currently reading the book, Grayson, a true story about a girl and her encounter with a lost baby whale. Anybody else reading this book and would like to discuss together. There are some great whale facts from the book we will research about. Let me know if anyone interested.
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