T-Mobile Closed my Local Store

Normally such events go unheralded. Indeed the staff was concerned that they would be shut down because, though they served a very tech savvy area, they were not a high volume store. It was a small store located in a small strip mall.

What made it special is that the staff was able to tell me about the option to buy my own phone rather than paying month to month – in effect having a carrier subsidize the phone with a loan I could never pay off.

It’s bad enough that the sites for cellular provider make it difficult to get real information as they try to lead me through “plans” rather giving me ways to make it easy to compare and understand the offerings.

Too bad Consumer Reports doesn’t have a clue and posts the down payment prices as if they were real prices. It’s as if they compared cars by down payment prices instead of MSRP and invoice prices.

Now I will hope that I can wheedle some information from customer support but it’s the luck of the draw – once in a while you get someone who has real knowledge and often you get someone who is totally addled by questions not in their crib sheet.

Alas, as long as we are in the thralls of “cellular” we will be limited by their unwillingness to communicate real information beyond the illusions they create
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