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Dad, Husband, Gamer, Computer Guy
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Castle Perilous in Carbondale, IL had a bowl full of scatter dice for sale at the counter. I shoulda bought em all, but 4 should cover me for a while.

Turn your entire playing surface into a die-drop table, do away with the annoying random scatter charts, etc. These are my favorite non-standard dice. 

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This is my life now.

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Only $3! Such a bargain for a beautifully illustrated adventure.
It’s time to give life to my drawings! With a friend, Laurent B, we created an adventure inspired by my drawings, "the sinister tunnels of GREENFIELDS".
It’s an adventure for characters of level 1 to 3 for role-playing game of Heroic Fantasy. There are no rules associated with it, please enjoy!
You will find in the PDF 16 pages of adventures with many drawings, including 3 drawings of dungeons.
The PDF is available on DrivethruRPG

Don't hesitate to make me your returns, if you like it, we have many ideas to make others!

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MCG has a $5 coupon code you can donate to charity or use on yourself. (Ya lousy grinch!) Not sure if the code only works for kickstarter backers who got the email or for anyone but it's worth a shot. Try the coupon code 2016MCGHolidayGift during checkout.

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I know the designers of this game. I like them and I like their games, but more importantly, this one seems like a fast fun game that can work with adults or kids and the $16 price point seems just right for this style of game.

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I'm sure devious DM's can come up with some neat uses for this.

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"If Hillary is completing women's 100-year quest to get to the oval office then it kind of makes sense that this would be the final boss." 
Animated Photo

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This feels like the future. Like when you saw all those pulp sci-fi covers, this is that. Minus a blue girl in a bikini and a bubble helmet.

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I've been looking forward to this!
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