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Peter Scharff

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I haven't laughed so hard all year, what kind of person would of come up with this ......

Genius !! 

Not ... Only in America....  now it seems in the UK too !

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Oh god I've walked down this street too many times
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Peter Scharff

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Thought provoking......

Have a fantastic weekend all. 
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Peter Scharff

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It's that time again.....
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Peter Scharff

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Happy Crimbo

A very Happy Christmas to you all out there in G land, may you forth coming year be a happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous one, thank you all for your support this year even though I have been a little quiet at times this year due to focusing on communities and life stuff, in 2014 you will see more coming from this camp.

Have fun, love and be merry....

Peter :D
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+Peter Scharff hope you have an Empowering New Year and Great ppl as yourself help g+ be the best it can be.
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Good Night G+

Finished a little editing tonight and have been playing with Jeffrey’s “Export to PicasaWeb” Lightroom Plugin, so far so good I'm loving it, thanks +Chris Chabot for pointing me to this ;)

+John G Moore maybe this is a start and will buy me the wiper blades ;)

#landscapephotography  +Margaret Tompkins +Carra Riley +Jim Warthman +Kevin Rowe +Johan Peijnenburg +David Heath Williams 
#10000photographers  +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS +Robert SKREINER +Gemma Costa 
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#hqsplandscape  +HQSP Landscape 
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Nice vignette, contrast, and saturation. +Peter Scharff something I might see looking through a kaleidoscope. This Sunset puts me in a Trance for Real. Outstanding!
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Blog here :

We're on our way to The Photography Show 2014.....

I will be blogging phone pics all day at things that catch my eye

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+Ian Gager no problem..... If we get there, traffic is pants atm ;) 
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A photo from you! Hooray! Beautiful :)
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Happy New Year

As the sun sets on 2013 which has been a very hard year for many, I raise a glass and wish you all a very happy, prosperous and peaceful New Year. May all your hopes and dreams come to be realised, thank you all for your support, I have met some amazing people here on google+ that have taught me so much, thank you guys and girls.

Happy 2014 

#happynewyear    #hny2014  
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They always say: earth is a small planet.. Why not "We are small creatures.."? Like how the picture is almost filled with only landscape", but we still concentrate us on the 2 people there.. Beautiful shot.. Love it!! :)
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Google Newsstand

I know it has been out a few days now, but I thought I let you know I'm on Google Newsstand and Currents, find me at the link below.
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Share the knowledge.... Photography and all things tech, I run the Google+ B&W Photographers Community.
Visit to see what I do......
or my Peter Scharff Photography business page.
Also find me on Google Currents and Newsstand Peter Scharff

Love being creative and photography has given me the freedom to explore that like no other medium. My background is from normalish upbringing, I always will and have to be creative in some way, be it writing music in my home studio or design in some form. I'm self confessed tech head and gadget freak, I started young I guess due to my father being an electrical engineer and have never been far away from anything I can tinker with, beta tester for #MagicLantern for my Canon gear at the moment and tinkering with Android.

I love capturing how I see the world through my eyes, and I hope you do also ......

I created the +B&W Photographers Community where some outstanding work can be seen, we're a community of all abilities centered around sharing and discussing your black and white work, while at the same time helping others learn the craft of black and white photography.

Find us here :

Great photographers and people I recommend

Please don't use my images on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission unless you are sharing it through a web service where I have originaly posted.
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