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Swallows of the South is returning from it's brief hiatus with Rizzo's Quest: a look into the long-lost circle member and her time away from Djao Wei!

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Episode 21 of Swallows of the South is here! We make out way back to Djao Wei, catch up with Raiton Triumphant, and have lunch with Tichal the sorcerer. 

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We released our 20th episode of Swallows of the South this week. We follow the aftermath of the party's fight with the Wyld Hunt, split the party, and meet some mysterious new allies. 

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Episode 16 of Swallows of the South, the Exalted 3rd edition actual play podcast with trained performers is out!

Ajax rushes Godwin to Ariston, hoping for healing as Djao Wei languishes under the cover of night in the wake of Seven Symphonious Chords’ surprising reveal.

I run an Exalted 3rd edition AP with trained performers called Swallows of the South which can be found at

White Wolf Forums seem to be down again. What will I do with all my time?

So, seeing as how most of the people that I have on G+ are White Wolf people, I have a question. Are the forums currently down for everybody, or is that just me?
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