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where is Daniel Carter Beard Q189M

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Love You Like You Do
Fifty shades of burning grey, Covers the sky with smoke and mirrors. It hunts for a soul that will heal its own, On fifty shades of grey.

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Cruel Beauty
Cruel destiny the beautiful one has, A beast is withering in his own curse. The beauty cannot speak or learn of the beauty within the beast, Yet the beauty is determine to find the rose to his heart. The beast who gave his heart to time, The beauty who fade...

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Crimson Bound
The stars are bright every night, There are many stairs into everywhere. The moon glows in the dark, There is many keys to many doors. I am crimson bound to my destiny, Do not speak of who we shall not name. Do not fall in love with your guide, Just remembe...

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Broken Song
When the rain falls you smile at me, When the sun shines you believe in me. Soon you held me in your arms, You whisper in my ear the words that say you care. When the wind blows you kiss my head, When the star falls you tug me in. As you held me in your arm...

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To always be there for one person. To always love that one person. To give them our forever. To give them our eternality. Heart might be broken, By our every step towards that one person. Love isn't forever, But body and soul are forever. Promises are meant...

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Give Me A Chance
Hold me tight. Love me now. Give me a chance to be your lover. Give me a chance to be your soulmate. Once in a while, you show me signs. Once in a while, you show me love. Once in a while, you hold me tight. Maybe once in a lifetime, you should give me a ch...

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Sweet Romance
You probably notice that this website doesn't have a specific order on the post. It really depends on what I am thinking at the moment. I hope you will find a sweet romance in the future as you continue your long journey to finishing your dreams. Don't alwa...

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The meaning of giving perfume as a gift isn't to say that you smell. Here's 10 reason why giving perfume is a great gift.  1. Perfume Is Compact Perfume bottles generally hold no more than a few ounces worth of liquid. This means that the bottle and box are...
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