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Christie laverie
Siamese lover & Die Hard Leafs Fan!
Siamese lover & Die Hard Leafs Fan!

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Sorry we haven't been on in a long time! Busy busy!!!

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Help Wilson find a loving home! 
Share him on your social media networks!

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Check out Dogs n Pawz $3.00 off coupon for Natural Balances pet food! Healthy food=happy pets!

What do you think? Is Diesel guilty?

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I just wanted to post about something terrible that has happened this past week. 
For those of you who may not know,
there was a shootout at Parliament Hills on Wednesday. The shooter was killed, along with Nathan Cirillo, one of Ottawa's soldiers. 
Tonight at the hockey games playing on TV, there was a ceremony for Nathan. 
What happened on Wednesday was very tragic.  
Please take a moment to think about how lucky we are to have these military sources. If we didn't, there would be no protection from terrorists. The only bad thing about military, is that loved ones are killed. But they give their lives to protect ours.
Thank you, for protecting us and giving us the peace we deserve. 

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Wednesday blog update:
Ghoulish photo editor! 
Picmonkey, a pawsome photo editor with extra special Halloween features! 
PicMonkey has teamed up with Rover to bring you a pawsome contest!
Visit our post to learn more!
#PicMonkey   #PhotoEditor   #Halloween   #Pets   #Blog  

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Happy National dog week! 
Head on over to Love is being Owned by a husky to find out more on this pawsome week!

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Help this gorgeous pup find a home ! Save her from the kill shelter! She will be evaluated on the 18th of this month! What if they decide to put her down? Save her before it is to late!
Hey guys, I need your help!
There is a beautiful Siberian Husky named Angel, who is in dire need of our help.
She is currently at a KILL shelter in Northern California, and on September 18th, they decide if she lives or dies. She needs a rescue to step in, a foster home, something! I am in Canada and know NOTHING in California, so hopefully someone out there can help. Please share her flyer that I created.
Thanks for any help and shares you can provide.

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Help Herbie find a home! This adorable senior pug needs your help!

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Please share and help Tigger find a home!
Visit this post for more info. 

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Our dear Sparkle has passed on.

Nine (Or more, who knows?) cat blogs dedicated a post to SparkleCat, a cat who rose awareness to things nobody cared much about. After reading those blogs, I learned that Sparkle was diagnosed with an illness and now she has passed away.
She helped find homes for homeless cats, and it makes my heart ache that she is gone. +Sparkle Cat , we will miss you very much. 
We hope she knows that she was (and still is) loved by lots.
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