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Hi this is my first share.
Got a Canon A2400 power shot a month ago. Got the CHDK firmware working on it very happy with the results. If you haven't heard about CHDK it's really worth looking at. It enables you to access the raw power of the camera. You can get the functionalities you would usually find on a DSLR camera on to a cheap point n shoot camera.

The camera's battery is puny and had only enough juicy for maybe an hour. Not enough if you want to take time lapse shots. So saw a few hacks where you can replace the battery with a dummy one and connect it to a external power source. The same product is available from canon for a price of 70$!!! That's inane given that the camera itself costs just about 100$

So gave it a shot with what I had lying around at my home and this is what I came up with.

Cut a small piece of 5mm thickness acrylic sheet and sanded it down to the battery pack's size. Cut out a small PCB and etched out the terminals for the battery. Cut out some slots in the PCB corner so it would fit neatly in the camera. Used an old worn out soldering iron tip to carve out the groove for the wires in the acrylic piece.

Used a old laptop power adapter as the main power source. (Provides almost 3.5A @ 19V)
Hooked up a couple of 7805 regulators in parallel to get more current. Used the circuit from the following link.
Not the best idea to use linear regulators for stepping down 19V to 4.3V but that's all I had lying around. Gets petty hot after just a couple of shots. This circuit may work better with a lower voltage input source. But works for now.

The camera uses nominally 300mA when idle, but peaks up to 700mA while charging up the flash for a couple of seconds.

That's it for now let me know what you guys think. Will definitely need to a switching type regulator in the long term but this is all for now... :)
Canon A2400 External Power Adapter
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