Let's hear from Neville and Shel about… Neville and Shel!

Recently, some of us in the FIR community were delighted to learn a little bit about our Asia correspondent +Michael Netzley. When he talked
with +Dan York, we heard some history of his professional and personal interests. It’s occurred to some of us that we’d like gain similar insight into our hosts. 

+Donna Papacosta, who does wonderful interviews for her Trafcom News podcast, has agreed to interview Messrs. Hobson and Holtz for a special segment that will be part of FIR episode #700.

What would you like her to ask them? 

Leave your questions in comments to this post. On April 18, Donna will collect them, arrange them into some sort of order, and then record the interview on April 20.
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Yes - I need to hear the origin story...
Thanks for this post, Max! I look forward to seeing some interesting questions.
What is the one prediction you made on this podcast that you wish you hadn't?

What is the one prediction on this podcast that you wish more people knew about and gave you credit for?
Shel, can you talk us through how you came to be referenced in text books?
Neville, if the late Maggie Thatcher had the social media tools of today when she inherited Britain in the state it was in the 70s, do you think her reign would have been different? Would she have seized upon twitter to push her message, engaging in virtual fisticuffs with dissenters? And how would you have advised her in dealing with the socially empowered range of stakeholders?
What has allowed the two of you to stay equally dedicated to this podcast through all these years? Has there ever been a time when one of you started losing motivation to keep this up and the other had to step in with a pep talk? 
Please share a glitch story about the podcast (maybe a guest answer, guests going off the deep end, or tech issue) that caught you off guard and you had to work through on the fly during the show.
Oh, yes, +Neville Hobson , let's hear a few of them! (Maybe you can tack a few on the end of the episode, as is so often done with outtakes.)
If only we kept them. I edit them in the post-production phase and never keep the source file after the MP3 is finished. Of course, that doesn't account for the bloopers we don't THINK are bloopers that make it on the air!

There are always some. I'll save them from 699 just to let everyone know what they sound like.
Oh, God. I can't imagine anybody thinks that!
I am thrilled to hear about this concept for FIR 700 and share others’ sentiment that +Dan York  and Michael Netzley's joint report was very informative. I would love to hear from +Shel Holtz  and +Neville Hobson  how hosting 700 FIR podcasts has helped directly lead to business opportunities and any particular examples of this. Looking forward to it!
Can't wait to hear this episode, guys!  I'd be curious to hear how you think the podcast has helped you grow your respective consulting businesses over the years.
+Donna Papacosta: Are you accepting audio comments for this episode as well?  And if so, when are they due?  I'd like to send in a little something special for the occasion. 
Bryan and ALL, I was thinking about that last night! YES, audio comments are most welcome. Just send an MP3 to the comment line at and copy me at Please submit by April 19. THANKS!
Donna - you know you're going to have to SING!  We won't accept anything less in a tribute audio comment for this special episode
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