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I've been seeing everyone and their brother reposting the link to the March 7th Apple event, but no one seems to have noticed something a little odd.
Compare the Apple event image to the 3 images I just photographed. I changed my iPad 1 desktop screen to the included water one that Apple uses then I rearranged my icons to the correct icons in the correct order according to the Apple invite.
Things I noticed:
I can't get the icons to come closer together than what you see below.
I can't reduce the size of the icons.
I can't increase the width of the black band.

The icon in the Apple image seems huge next to the finger, even if it is Tim Cook's dainty fingers (jk). I don't have huge hands or fingers and my icons are roughly the same area as my finger tip. Did I miss the setting to enlarge icons? COuld this mean an increase in resolution, which we've been led by tech press to expect, will mean an increase in icon size?

The spacing is odd too. Currently I can only get 6 icons into my dock. I even tried to line them up in the right place with the gradient seam. But, not matter what I did , I could not get them as close as they appear in the Apple event image. Perhaps you can now dock more items there? Maybe the increased icon size means they're closer?

The third thing that threw me was the width of the black band around the screen. In the Apple event image the thumbnail, though neatly cropped, is less than have the length of the depth of the black band. Either the hand in this image belongs to Megan Fox (she of 99% perfection and 1% toe thumbs) or the black band is larger. Why would Apple increase the band on the iPad, to reduce screen size? That makes no sense.

To respond proactively to expected comments that the Apple event image is doctored; why would they doctor images of a product so often photographed? Why would they doctor it to make the icons look twice as large and the black band around the screen more than double in size? I also asked a woman in my office with small hands to strike the same pose. There was a negligible difference.

What's going on here? Have I been reading Techcrunch too much? Is this NOT an iPad but a touch-screen iMac (See last photo)?

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