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Browsing through Ryan Macklin's and Jack Graham's EP/Fate work, and being remarkably impressed. I love the EP system as-is, but for a more casual game or something faster-paced the Fate system is amazing, and the conversion does appear to work fantastically well.

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The cat is not quite out of the bag.

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Those little guys live in the barn at my parents' place. Way to make me homesick.

I could have sworn I wrote something in here yesterday. Hrm.

Edit - interestingly, it doesn't put your own stuff in your timeline. 

So this G+ overhaul has a fair bit of merit. I like the straightforward filtering and clean lines. The interface is very slick. 

I may try to actually use this actively.

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Delta Airlines is running an insidious anti-vaccination ad on their in-flight TV right now, sponsored by the notorious reality-challenged (and Orwellianly-named) National Vaccine Information Center. These ads make it out as if getting the flu is no big deal, when in fact preventing the flu is a very big deal. The link below from will give you the details.

I will not fly Delta until they remove these ads. It's that simple. I tweeted about it (!/BadAstronomer/status/132116584591409154) and I ask folks to spread the word.

Vaccines are one of the greatest achievements of medical science, saving millions of lives every year. I won't sit back and let a well-funded fringe groups spread blatantly false misinformation about them.

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The outcry over privacy settings is somewhat amusing. I can understand, to a degree, the concern in user-friendliness but dear gods don't get your knickers in a twist. This thing just came out; they are rolling out changes fairly often and your concerns, especially privacy, will get addressed; perhaps not right this very moment but the experience thus far has been pretty positive.

Just see Randall Munroe's post and the subsequent answer. Drop the pitchforks already.

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