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Designed an elementary app for MyAnimeList users.

It seems like other apps have way more features, but here I'm only using what their API documentation provides.
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Hey guys, since I am ill I had some time today. I implemented a guake style drop down feature for pantheon-terminal. 
So if you like guake but love pantheon-terminal :) it is maybe something for you. Not sure if it will be merged but you can mark you as affected and find the branch here if you know how to compile it.

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Playing around with system-monitor. 
What do you think is the best approach? Any suggestion for the info button?

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Nice. I want a linux clone :)

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Hey all,
the last weeks I had time and motivation to finish NaSC with a first basic feature set. If you find bugs please report them and let me hear what you think.

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Just want to share a imo nice idea. This Mac App reveals the keyboard shortcuts when pressing the command key.

Found @
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I want to share my current progress of my hacking on the mockup from Harvey (see

What do you think?

I have a popover with a Stack in it and different sized boxes as childs.
I want the stack and popover  to resize when a stack child is switched (homogeneous = false). This works ok. 
I also want a transition in between the stack child changes.
But then it looks broken because it first do the transition for example a Slide and then do the resize.

I preferally want it to resize while a transition is happening with a fade effect.
Is this possible? When not. Can you point me where to hook code to enable this.
Thank you!

Hey Guys, what is your most wanted/missing elementary-ish App?
Mine would be a good native RSS Reader with cloud sync like feedly and some kind of Spotify/Grooveshark support for Noise. 
What is yours?

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Got rid of the windows logo. Little bit too big but I like it :)
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