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Stephen Dewitt
My name is like a rose, by any other name it will be just as sweet.
My name is like a rose, by any other name it will be just as sweet.

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Just a better shot of myself

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One of my closest friends has begun to enter the world of blogging. This is her first one so please be easy and support her by reading
07/08/12- The Topic of The Day is Insomnia,

many have much like myself minor or severe cases of insomnia, where sleep or staying asleep does not come or stay easy. usually leading to restless sleep, having mood swings and just being plain old tired. im no expert on insomnia but I have found some of my friend also fall victim to missing the "SandMan" at night due to stressful events of the day leading them to stay awake and fix the problem(s) looming in the back of their mind somewhere preventing a peaceful slumber.

Here are some of the questions and or statements that are frequently asked and exclaimed in frustration or curiousity such as: "Why cant I get to sleep?" "Did I finish that work i was suppose to do?" "I'm not sleepy at all I have to get this job done" or the most classic question many restless sleepers ask "Why am I so tired?" Its not unnormal to say any of these things especially if your a COLLEGE STUDENT your whole academic career develops a thick layer of insomnia with juggling homework, job and not to mention a significant other your mind will stay pretty busy. but you have to learn how to relax i know getting something done right away is for some and the most active people have the hardest crashes when their bodies can take no more damage from the epic journey of college. 

Personally MY first year in college has not started but i am required to do a summer session and it feels like hell where time stops while the professor drones on and on about the class assignment, knowing the course syllabus describes every homework and assignment ever to be given. just the sound of a lecture is somewhat relaxing to the point that it makes me want to go to sleep. LOL i know when im headed to sleep in class three things occur... 1. I continously push up my glasses resting my head against my hands 2. The Professor turns into a pillow XD i know i know awkward and 3. Words blend together and everything thing gets dark so if someone in one of my classes just so happen to read this give me a nudge to wake me back up thanks <3 lol but then again can you blame me? We are only allowed a maximum of 5 hours of sleep and Doctors/Sleep Professionals state that the human body "NEEDS" 8 hours. Plus its so boring and falling asleep in class is a no no since you get reported to your mentor about the lack of sleep truthfully they dont care if you sleep or not. a job is a job i guess = /

Being a insomniac is both a bad AND benefitcal thing. Longer hours to complete your work. (yeah right like i'd do homework i can put off another day lol procrastination at its finest) Best parties are at night not that i go to any since im on here blogging yes I know dork n..n But if you are a party prowler watch out for date rape drugs they are equally present just like you are in the college night scene no one wants to wake up dressed with their underwear missing C: . . . . Just a random thought in a way isnt everyone some way an insomniac ? my food for thought

Thank you for making time to read my blog I truly appreciate it and please continue to read my future post thankies =3

                                                         ~Lily "Multi-Universal Queen DeCarona~

P.s I've attached a article on insomnia and college students enjoy it and please give feedback <3

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