Announcing Yosemite National Park G+ Photowalk, May 4 - 7:

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Lodging: See the lodging post here:
Many of the photowalk attendees will be camping at the private Indian Flat Campground in El Portal just outside the middle/West Yosemite Entrance. Sites are $30 for up to two vehicles, up to 6 people. We have 10 reserved under "Google photowalk".
Call 209-379-2339 to confirm one.

Cost: You cover your own lodging and meals of course, and park entrance of $20 for the week (save your receipt for in-out privileges) or $80 for a 12 month federal lands pass. As suggested below a donation made directly to a nonprofit organization supporting the park would be great, but is entirely optional._

Optional Donation: Many G+ photowalks these days offer the opportunity to support worthy causes.

If you'd like to support educational programs in the park, consider a donation to support programs in the LeConte Memorial Lodge:
While we're visiting the park, there should be presentations on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 8pm. The 2012 schedule should be updated here soon:

Another excellent option would be the Yosemite Conservancy, which supplied $9.3 million for 50 projects in the park last year:
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