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NBA Finals 2017 predictions Cavs vs. Warriors
What's up guys! I'm back with the 2017 finals prediction with a rematch from last year Warriors and Cavs. The Warriors are undefeated in  the playoffs never lost 1 game, so you know what that's gonna be, a great nba finals matchup.The Cavs play the Warriors...

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NBA GAMES Tomorrow May 25 2017 CAVS OR CELTICS?
NBA Finals start by next Thursday!!!!!! Warriors will face the Cavs for the finals rematch from last year when Kyrie hit the big shot and gave the Cavs the win for the first Championship.Tomorrow the Cavs play the Celtics in Game 5. It's not as easy as the ...

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It's my blog and I say what I want about the Nba playoffs predictions in the Western Conference Finals. The Wizards lost to the Celtics in Game 7. They lost because Wizards had too many turnovers. John Wall had 18 points Bradley Beal 38 points.The big surpr...

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Relentless from Good to Great to Unstoppable
  Do you want to be unstoppable at what you do?  If so, I have a great book for you.  "Relentless" is a great book written by Tim S. Grover. Grover is a basketball trainer. The book is about  what it takes to be unstoppable.  How to keep going when everyone...

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NBA GAMES April 6 2017
Playoffs will be starting next week YEA YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best playoffs ever.Today the Bulls play 76ers.That's little bit of a good game Bulls are in seventh spot in the East my prediction is Bulls will win.The Bucks play Pacers.That's a great game my pre...

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NBA GAMES March 23, 2017
What's up my Nba Ballers! It's been a long time, I shouldn't left you. Without strong beat to step to. Its almost the NBA Playoffs starting in April. It's five games away from today. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! Today the Suns play the Nets.That's an alright game. N...

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Nba Trade Deadline
What's up its Nba trade deadline it will start 2pm on Nba TV. But just what Boggie Cousins got traded to the Pelicans for Tyreke Evans, Buddy Hield and Langston Galloway Pelicans can be a Playoff contender with Boggie we will see.76ers traded Noel to the Ma...

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NBA GAMES December 14 2016
Christmas is almost coming up.Today the Raptors play 76ers.That's kind of a good game my prediction is 76ers will win.The Hornets play the Wizards.That's a great game Kemba and Wall going at it and my prediction is Wizards will win.The Clippers play Magic.C...

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NBA GAMES November 30, 2016
Guys I'm back with Nba games after a Thanksgiving break Let's go! Today the Kings play the 76ers.That's an alright game come on 76ers get this win. We will see.The Pistons play the Celtics.That's a good game my prediction is Celtics will win.The Grizzlies p...

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NBA GAMES November 16 2016
B-ball is back and the two best records is the Lob City Clipps and of course the reigning champion The Cavs.Today the Wizards play the 76ers. The Cavs play the Pacers.LBJ and PG going at it my prediction is Pacers will win. And that's  what happened but a l...
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