I would like to know people's opinions on stress and consequences for armour. This is a space opera setting. Added bit of complexity, but I kind of want it that way because I like a bit of crunchiness. Also, it adds an added element of strategy in combat on how to allocate stress.

Light Armour: 1 stress, 1 Mild consequence.

Medium Armour: 2 stress, 1 Moderate consequence.

Heavy Armour: 3 stress, 1 Severe consequence, Bulky aspect which may be invoked against.

Weapons do minimum damage, say 2 to 4. So if you score at least 1 stress, you do the minimum instead unless you are over. Ties still go to the defender (unlike the weapon bonus discussed elsewhere).

Energy weapons are also armour defeating. What happens is that on top of the min stress, they cause 1 (or more) armour stress directly to armour and only armour. This makes shields effective against energy weapons, but armour against physical attacks where shields do not work.

The point of stress is that I believe it would be a decision a player makes on whether to assign some stress to his armour or to his physical track. This is a long term decision which carries some level of strategy with it. It also has the players gauging when they need to have their armour Taken Out by taking the single consequence on the armour which means "Damaged". After that, the armour cannot be used until repaired at a workshop. Stress must also be repaired/readjusted, but its a simple skill roll to remove up the the number of shifts rolled on Crafts or equivalent.

This can lead to interesting situations like if it is also a Vac suit, and the Damaged consequence will make it fail in a vacuum.
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