Armour Stress Bonuses

I am implementing the following armour system in my Space Opera Setting for Fate Core. I call it Stress Box Bonus.

The system is inspired by +Ryan Macklin's blog post:

Armour provides a Stress Box Bonus, rather than a straight up stress absorption. For example, Light armour provies +1 stress bonus, Medium +2 stress bonus, and Heavy +3 stress bonus. The stress box bonus is added to each of your stress boxes. Say if you had 2 stress boxes, normally they would be rated at: 1 and 2. When you put on Medium armour, they are: 3 and 4. If you put on Heavy armour, they become: 4 and 5.

The net effect is that you can absorb more stress than someone who is unarmoured, however you still take stress when hit. You are able to take larger hits before suffering a consequence than someone without armour. This contrasts with the common armour rating which always subtracts X stress from the attack.

This system still keeps combat flowing and stress being dealt, while limiting the number of exchanges where nothing really happens due to stress absorption.

Pros: Combat is still quick, every exchange counts and armour is not a stop-all solution. Armour keeps you from taking consequences sooner, though you will eventually take a consequence and being taken out from a thousand cuts is still possible. Tracking armoured NPCs is a matter of making their stress boxes modified by the armour bonus.

Cons: More complexity. Everyone has to track the value of their stress boxes which differs from character to character.
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