I had a weapons and armor idea. I'm calling it Stress Max.

What if weapons limited the max stress box you could use to absorb the stress with? You would not be able to use a higher stress box than the rating of the weapon.

Heavy weapons would inflict consequences sooner then light weapons. For example, a knife or light pistol might be 3 stress box max, a sword or machine gun might have 2 stress box max and a two hander or heavy gun, a 1 stress box max.

Armour would offset this by adding more stress that could be absorbed by consequences. Light armor might be 1/1/1 for mild/moderate/severe. Medium might be 2/2/2 and Heavy 3/3/3. You could mix and match the bonuses as well if you want to go that route, or lessen them such as 3/2/1 for example. Alternatively the reverse since armour should stop gross consequences more than minor ones.

What do you think? Any improvements? This had not been playtested.

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