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Obviously I need to add some more people to my incoming. Getting bored with the same 5 things being repeated by all my least that means they all have similar tastes :)
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I know. I'm going to love being able to separate content going to family, friends, or work colleagues, but right now I have to get some of those personal contacts to come over. Not sure how that will go.
I think that's the toughest part. Rebuilding 3000 tweeps and almost 1000 personally selected FB friends.
The photo sharing alone would be great. I have photos I only want to share with Family and this would make it easy. I think it will take off, though, I do.
Twitter is like a world-wide cocktail party, and so far Google+ is the lame party down the street where only five people you know have showed up. the reference to the lame party down the street. Wish there was a "like" button. +1 doesn't do anything for me.
Midori, you can import your FB friends to Google+ via Yahoo... see my post
I know how to add my FB friends but only about 1/10th of them will participate.
Thanks, Midori! I already recycled it on Twitter.

At least at the present time, my plan is to keep G+ 99% work related. My Facebook is about 50/50 work/personal.

My plan may change, it's pretty early still.
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