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Parmveer Singh Sandhu
Digital Marketing Consultant, Trainer, Blogger & Speaker.
Digital Marketing Consultant, Trainer, Blogger & Speaker.


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Are you going to start your career in digital marketing??


Before you start, you should know some common SEO terms which you will hear so many times from now.

So, without wasting time, you should learn these terms. 
Click here to learn: 

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Is your site ranking high??
Do you getting desired conversion rate??

It’s not easy to get both results, needs continuous efforts. It is all about traffic, social media, user experience & their reviews.

But by following a proper methodology, it can be easy to attain & rank on first page of goggle. Here is the process to get desired result for your website.

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A quick reminder by #mattcutts about body content.... looks like ... pre-update warning... Start focusing your body text also

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How our digital marketing course helps people....
"Now I’ve starting earning from my YouTube channel just because of this course." - Chandra Prakash Saini (Films and Music Director)

"To be frank, now I am confident for my online ventures, after this course. Today, I know, how, how and how things happen on Internet. I never learnt tricks and tactics, I learnt basics with right guidance and for sure, it’s helping me to grow my online business vertical."

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How to write a blog post like a professional?

A step by step guide for beginners.

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How can small sites become popular?

#mattcutts suggests to work in niche based website, try to become topical authority and then expand gradually.

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Quite happy to announce the release of our News SEO plugin version 2.0:

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*008 - Title Tag Length *
How can title length affect your SEO...? Read full post for details.

[Let's know your point of view on this factor, comment something :)]

Google Shows Limited Characters on Search Result Pages (SERPs)
and rest of the chars. are trimmed with (...)

We assume (there is no official proof) that since Google shows only chars. that fit into 512px length, therefore Google Indexes & Considers only keywords lying under this limit. 

Earlier the safe char. length for titles was considered as 67 but after March 2014, Google updated its SERP page design.

Still the space available is 512px but due to changes in font size... now this limit is reduced to 55 chars. only. 

You can use tool to preview your Title in SERPs.

Take Away:
Try to finish your titles within 55 chars. only. 

I hope, You liked the tip. 

Kindly +1 & share it, if you feel its helpful & let your friends know about it

You can view all previous ranking factors shared, at one place here...

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Classroom Training for Search Engine Optimization at Jaipur, (Raj) India

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