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If you want to change your culture, change what you value.

Thankful for the great gifts of family and friends!!! Thankful to be able to gather around the table another year to celebrate God's goodness and faithfulness. Thankful that today's calories don't count, or at least I'm not counting them. Thankful for the back bedroom that I will nap in later. I trust you all will have a safe and joy filled Thanksgiving. 

My ministry and life were shaped in large part 20 years ago through this great church. Today, I have listened, sung, cried, and prayed as I watched and marveled at the greatness of God. I have been stirred once again by the Spirit of God. I have been moved by the power of an awe inspiring vision that stirred in my heart 20 years ago. I hear the Spirit's whisper and all that is with in me cries YES! You have to watch this in its entirety to began to understand what I'm saying. Thank you Bill Hybels! Thank you Willow Creek! Willow Creek Community Church​

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South Carolina Relief

Carolina Wins! Carolina Wins! Carolina Wins! Take that Panther critics. 5-0 to start the season.

Are the people you lead a means to accomplish your goals, or does your leadership help them achieve theirs? Do the latter and you all win! 

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3 surprising traits of highly effective leaders

I’m no fair weather Pirate. I bleed Purple and Gold!!! Argggh! Lost on an unfortunate play. Time to learn from mistakes and prepare for Navy. 

What role does community, service, mission, and multiplication play in a follower of Jesus’ maturity? Find out Wednesday 6 P.M. at TBC.

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For those who lead and those who attend meetings!
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