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Scott Strool
Seeking a meaningful and joyful life
Seeking a meaningful and joyful life


Can I setup a macro that will recognize when the phone is face down on a desk and not when it is just flipped over in hand? Or can I set a timer to see how long it is face down and trigger event after some amount of time?

Which email app do you suggest for Gmail and exchange?

Support, is xwidget still a working widget on android.
I am having an issue with a widget from Jim king, the weather unit continues to change back to metric from imperial. I need it to set at Fahrenheit .

The name of the widget is Lines Widget HD Neon.


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Hi! Start walking with friends using Together from Samsung Health. It makes walking much more fun.

Which app can I install to silence my device when it is face down?
I wish this was built-in the Note 8.

which app do I need to silence my device when I turn it face down on a table?
Android 7.0

I'd you are not using Gmail app, which email is the do you like?

How do you enable screen on when waving above the phone?

Has anyone been able to answer phone calls by saying 'Answer' when the phone rings? On my S7 Edge, I did this and it answers the call and turns on the speakerphone. I can't find where to turn this on?

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Got my Note 8 yesterday, its great but I am missing functionality from the 7 Edge, like the ability to setup a Night clock separate from AOD.
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