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A couple recent dishes
Been on vacation for three weeks now, haven't been doing so much. Hanging with good people, covering basketball games for school. I want to read but, how do people do that? Been low on money, so mostly just conserving my dollars and eating buffalo rollers f...

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For Julia Childs and Julie Powell
It’s a little
crazy that I’m about to be writing on this blog for the last time that I
actually have to. Past this, I’m on my own. I figure I’ll continue, after all,
I really do enjoy this cooking stuff. It isn’t just some nanny hoot B.S. that I’ve
been pre...

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A story of Baklava
George was a
shy man. He’d never ventured into the wilderness. He’d never taken a bunch of
drugs with his pals. In high school, he simply went to high school. No sports,
no extracurriculars. He just went and came back. Every day, coming and going.
Like the ...

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  My aunt described this dish to me as the famous chicken. The illustrious and all-consumed chicken (besides vegetarians). It's like that event or holiday that you can always remember going to because they make sure to always prepare that famous something. ...

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Sugar Sugar Sugar
  I'm the type of person who thinks adding nine spoonfuls of sugar into a cup of coffee is amazing. Why not make it ten? I'm also that guy who orders water with a side of lemons at Applebees and then uses all the sugar packets on the side of the table to ma...

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  What better way to refresh the palate than with a cool, delicious salad? Tabbouleh is an amazingly simple mixture that is still powerful and tasty. It's important to use fresh ingredients, like always. The dish originates from Lebanon and Syria.  The ingr...

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Inspiration Shoula
Alright, so, after much ado, I'm headed into a self-described Middle-Eastern cuisine week. The food that we'll be cooking comes from the Levant region, which now consists of the countries Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, and T...

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Lebanese Cuisine to come
I am writing this segment to precede a huge interview/cookfest that's coming up soon. I've been glancing over some fellow blogger's sites and understanding what they're all about. More importantly, I've been honing in on a specific style of cooking that is ...

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9 Steps to Steak au Poivre
Ready for a restaurant-quality steak?  The steak is one of the most commonly eaten items around the world. You can enjoy it from a spit to a stove. From rare to well-done, it's a carnivore thing.  But to have a truly delicious steak, like the ones you have ...

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It's interesting; I've made scrambled eggs my whole life and never done it the way my good pal Chef Gordon Ramsay makes 'em. Chef Ramsay is a recurring piece of my journey towards # chefextraordinaire , if you couldn't tell.  But anyway, scrambled eggs are ...
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