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Monday June 19th is the summer day of remembrance feast day. The start of the season feast days were celebrated by Noah’s descendant for many years. They created many different methods to track time ensuring they celebrated these festivals on the correct date.
The United States has several stone circles that were called Gilgal in our bibles, which were used as a solar calendar. The Americas have more solar aligned places than anywhere else in the world.
Ancient Calendars in the United States:
Gilgal means circuit
Chaco Canyon New Mexico
Serpent Mound in Ohio
And the Mormons built their first temple in Ohio after finding the Serpent Mound.
1901 News about the serpent mound being the Garden of Eden by a Baptist preacher (shows bull which is probably Taurus) ticle_1a74e748-d8b5-11e3-9cfa-0017a43b2370.html
More about Noah’s flood and the calendar


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Yahshua’s Elect & the Third Day Awaking
Overview Today there are many signs that Yahshua (Jesus) will be
returning soon.  The main evidence of
this is that HIS people are waking up to the truth of their identity.  The prophet Hosea told us that we would heal
after two days and then we will arise ...

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Camp Charlotte commented on a post on Blogger.
Pentecost is Friday, June 2nd in 2017. I updated this page.

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Camp Charlotte commented on a post on Blogger.
Pentecost is Friday, June 2nd here in the United States. It is a special Sabbath. I updated this article today.

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Tribe of Dan
Overview Dan is the seventh son of Jacob Israel and he lived to be
125 years old.  His tribe was given the
responsibility of judgement and he was the first tribe to set sail to Europe.  He has the honor of having places named after
him in Europe, such as th...

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Hope you all had a great May Day! I put an article about May Day on my site with new info.

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Crossing the Red Sea and May Day
Overview May Day is celebrated in Europe and Canada.  It was a tradition in the United States also;
however it has long been forgotten.  It
is said that May Day was to commemorate the Roman goddess Flora on April 27 th before the time of Christ. The traditi...

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I went to visit the San Gabriel Mission named after the archangel Gabriel on Sunday. This mission has lots of nice art work that is very old and worth the time to look at. So the Franciscans left us some pieces.

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Feast of First Fruits; the Spring Harvest
Overview The first day of Unleavened Feast begins the process of
dedicating the first born children of Israel to Yahweh.  The day after the Sabbath that occurs during
the Unleavened Bread Feast begins the count of an eight day process to become a
High Pries...
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