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i turned into a bird and got in a fight
i turned into a bird and got in a fight


It occurs to me that fifty years from now I will probably be a crotchety conservative, calling people out about the dangers of genofixing additional limbs, not fully accepting the hybrid cat-people ("their thought processes are demonstrably nonhuman!"), and warning people about how mapping your brain processes into a computer system to create a pseudo-AI expert secretary to handle business decisions will lead to a loss of willpower and personal drive in tomorrow's youth.

This is fundamentally an optimistic view, since it implies that the current things I'm progressive about will be non-issues.

(I think I'd probably accept the cat people.)
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New shield for Crossover.
I'm pretty proud of this one, but I suspect I'll stick with something less time-consuming in the future.
Thanks to +Rachel Orsinger and +Katie Gordon  for the technique, and to +Ann Ramsden for inspiration.
#CrossoverLARP #WonderWorkers
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Tonight was one of the best gaming sessions I've ever played.  I don't think I've ever seen a group of PCs think that fast on their feet, and Ann just rolled with it.  The shenanigans we're subjecting our enemies to are the perfect balance of clever, vicious, and karmically appropriate.

My wife runs the best D&D games.
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#5thgate   #wrathborn  
First time PCing a game in over a year, and boy did I pick a good one to jump in.  Caspar was a blast to play.  I felt a bit out of character during the day Saturday, mostly due to it being too hot to wear my large, enveloping costume piece - I never felt quite as much like Caspar in a shirt, even with the alchemical harness.  Also, holy crap you guys I thought my alchemical harness was going to be top of the line but it wasn't even in the top 50% of awesome alchemical gear.  I need to up my game.


 - Roping other PCs into keeping an eye on Caspar during our raid  on the Angelkiss still in case he wasn't completely recovered from his addiction, with Patience telling me to turn out my pockets afterward to keep me honest.  It turned out to be a good way to introduce myself to the other Alchemists - I think being able to reveal a weakness right off the bat was a good way to get them even a little invested in the character without trying to look Awesome.
- Talking with Donovan Fell and musing on how thin the line was between Caspar's idealistic mysticism and Fell's creepy ubermensch intellectual elitism.
- Went on an expedition for science!  Science was done to many automata, even as they attempted to science us back.  Science was furthered after we successfully scienced the science science. Afterward, science science science.  SCIENCE!
- The magic item economy was interesting, and another neat reason to interact with other PCs to swap around.
 - Stealth Mission to (momentarily) take down a Dust Lord which ended in success and a horror movie slow-motion chase scene, undead monstrosity under a Slow effect, stalking after us swearing vengeance in horrible ways while we, under a Slow effect, struggled to get out.
 - Trying to comfort a distraught Hatter and realizing that Caspar's entire toolbox for being comforting was All Wrong for the situation.
 - It was fun playing someone with a fairly calm and mature perspective, who didn't feel like he had to get involved in every crisis and knew how to accept his own limitations.

Kudos to the NPCs who pulled LONG shifts in broiling heat with way less rest and water than we got.  Double kudos for the extremely clean combat, and to all the much better fighters on the NPC side who made me feel awesome when I finally landed enough shots to drop them instead of just murdering me like they probably could have.  I had a great time and am eagerly anticipating both the next Wrathborn and Silverfire events.
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