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How do you feel about this?
Fantasic Water Balconies I want this~!
( Residential project in Mumbai designed by James Law Cybertecture
from )
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their building something like that when 1/2 of mumbai lives in poverty, it just aint right
Sure....what kind of construction would hold that volume of water without a pool pump !!!!!
just imagine the bowl breaks -- there goes the fish...
Do the pools have a glass-bottom, so the people could look through the stories..?
Y- Fi
some times imagination can took you far away from the real world
Drunken swim parties more dangerous than ever with these.
ohmygod. i would be TERRIFIED
wow,,,so wonderful
Unbelievable. . . place
Come on people is this realistc--Think..............!
Doesnt appear to be structurally sound to me, maybe just an artist fantasy rendering?
Looks cool, but it's not feasible. Too dangerous.
very amazing construction. i really like it ! thanks for share me... i wanna try in it !
OK. So I will be too freakin scared to jump right in ... no water bombs for me in this one! :/ :P
umm, no...if that glass breaks, your done for.
Amazing it true? Or an idea on papers only!
While it is lovely, I have to agree that I would fear for my safety. Also, I'd assume it to be very chlorinated since you're sharing it with the next hotel guest (and the previous one).
wastage of water its most stupid project don't have any concern about water scarcity
Okay... I'm mildly irritated that reddit follows me to facebook... but seriously here too...
what kind of bologny is this? it is not real at all. the outside walls would burst because of the water weight.
Disaster waiting to happen? Cool concept though.
Of course it's not real. And not because of the potentially ridiculous glass walls. But because of the generic grey shapes representing buildings in the background. Lazy artists.
Agree with Sandra this is may be a less then accurate conceptual rendering.
not possible in China, u know the reason.
they could make it outa something stronger than glass and wile it is coolit would be more realistic and safe to put the "glass" all the way up idk if a balcony would be the safest
awesome. I want to go also...
+Kayla Adams Mumbai=Bombay, India. And I think this is about as decadent as it could possibly be. There is a shortage of water in India. So the rich are to be offered their own miniature swimming pools? On this scale? Will there be anything left for the poor to drink?
mmmmmmmm that is beautiful!
cool concept, but is it structurally sound?
It's pretty amazing how they designed the unique structure.
i could live come the best things aren't in the U.S anymore? (;
Love it! WOW!!!!!!!!!! i wanna stay there!!!
Jo Se
does swimming on those pool comes with an insurance?
Dumbest design I've seen in a while. Structurally unsound, not to mention the lack of safety features.
Is it real or some photoshop project? Very unlikely Indians, especially women, would parade in swimsuit in public view. Have you seen the Indian beaches, Indian swimming pools etc?
wow! pretty cool concept,but I would be hesitant to jump in..
Conspicuous consumption aside, if they didn't build it would fewer people be living in poverty? To build or not, is likely not consequential to poverty or anything else for that matter.
IT is an amazing architectural idea. HOWEVER I think that they should have think more about safety.

Such a small poll yet so filled up to the top is able to throw person from the building if for example 2-3 people jumped in the pool at the same time, yet one person was close to the outside edge of the pool...
So I'd extend the fence to be much higher...or even as high as to touch the terrace above.

I am not trying to be negative at all, again, it is an amazing design! but safety comes first! :)
have thought* :D excuse my grammer :P
Simply amazing concept although can scare the shit out of some people as well :) But Wooooooooow would love to have one in my Balcony
Id stay there in a heart beat
Yeah, I think that would be my worry as well... all it would take is a loose panel, and WOOSH! Off the side of the balcony ~_~
Unless they are made with transparent aluminum - forget it.
Why would I need that, when the Pacific Ocean is just out the door.
Just Me
ok gotta wonder. What happens if the glass cracks on the pool?
I presume this is a concept drawing right? I don't think this is for real.... water is very heavy. Is very cool idea though.
it's just coooooooooooool. i want to go & stay there @ any cost
+Jon Roberts the water would expand the crack, causing the water to flow out at a higher rate. Then you would be pulled along with the current of the falling water until you are helplessly dragged to your death (actually I don't know but thayer my guess)
Looks cool BUT No thank you! I'd rather have a balcony to myself and chill at the community pool! This is another opportunity to display wealth in a place like Mumbai! The maintenance will call for big bucks and high water wastage...Argh!
that would suck but the pool is so sick!!!
This is insane... I think I would freak out too.
Floats are definitely out of the question..
Jeez, imagine the wall gives way, and you're poured out to the ground below... screw that.
It's not real. It's only someone's imagination and PhotoShop.
While I do agree with +kevin godwin kiwikevNZ, a completely different thought struck me: wouldn't that be a major structural design problem, I mean all that weight concentrated on non-supporting bits? Hmmm ;)
^ not if every floor has a reinforced concrete slab for a substrate. that would be plenty of support.
oh damn that would be so sexy, get the great architects of 21st century on it!
that looks so cool!!!! it would be like my dream to live in a place like that! looks really dangerous though
Very cool. Nice, but I would not like to be swimming and suddently hear a crack slowly developing. also very tempting for any passing by to throw a rock.
It would be cool as well if they used something else more resistent than glass, It doesnt necessarely need to be transparent... I think.
thats where im gunna live
cross my fingers
I already have one but pigeons are a real problem.
Real or not it's hot. I would definitely swim in it.
What happens in an earth quake? balcony waterfalls?
pure imagination photoshop
rita rh
me too i want one
I'd hate to be on the bottom layer when this would collapse, and with the weight of the water, they'd pull away from the building. A lot of the other comments about chlorine and water waste is also important.
IF you think that A sane person would intentionally get into a pool on the side of a building many stories above ground then you can watch them watch the insane
Oh I have got height phobia + water phobia!!

Will never ever enter that building.
I'd hate to be the one in the bottom pool.. everyone else's nasty water dripping in your pool.
Design is Good, But proper maintenance to be done.
The engineering stress in this design is huge. I wonder if both sides have similar balconies to balance the shifting loads? The stress on a cantilevered balcony like that with no apparent supports are huge. Amazing if it works.
I love to swim. So to me, although this is a visually beautiful design, I am highly suspicious of the practicality of such 'balcony swimming pool.' I would rather have a standard 50m pool or a clean, natural lake in my community.
that waterslide looks amazin i saw dat a few minutes ago anyway
That is extremely dangerous! That has to be completely against Safety regulations. What dweeb constructed that?
would love to take a look once the project is completed.Great idea.
Diving into your neighbors pool from up can be very interesting
trembling in fear... due to fear of heights
i agree with Richard i would be scared up there but it is cool
built with my American tax dollar...stop sending $ to india
Yet another lame work of an average student.

Extremely unsafe, very impractical for families with kids, technically difficult, always the water will be dirty because of rain and birds and splashing around. It also implies that one SHOULD have a pool, even one would not like to have it.
That is nice, but what happens when it rains, will it over flood.
If you visit us zimbabwe we do have that are more wonderous naturally made especially in chimanimani
No thanks. I have a whole different idea of 'sea level'.
My worst nightmare would be the water breaking through and me going with it.
looks like home to me, please...where do i sign up?
Cool but scary. That class breaks and you are going for quite the ride.
Though seems to be impossible, but I would like to have one of them.
no it looks fun and cool duh it is beast is it a pool
Safetyproof!!! they'll never build the balcony that way, too easy to fall over
thats not safe at all...
but very cool and creative and crazy
@Alberto Lampis - In case you are blind, you can see that there are tall walls to prevent a slip
this pool thing or whatever you call it is really KOOL! =D
WAW!! That's genious! but still i'm wondering if the pool fsll. lol
And just think.. in northern climates it could double as a private skating rink!
i've been begging 4 somethin' like that 4 ages!
Is that real? It looks dangerous and impractical.
the workings of the crazy, no barrier comfort beside the pool, doesn't possible in one family to stay there..
I love it, if I'm not wrong there is a building similar in Sao Paulo Brazil.
Overflowing pools (from people getting/jumping in) would constantly splash down the side of the building, making it REALLY annoying for those on the lower floors. Sorry, dumb idea.
not to mention all the runoff from any rain would drip down into the pools.
neat but kinda scary as if you will go over the edge easily especially if a big wind comes along!
That's a such brilliant idea! I hope it's available on the Hotel I may stay for my next vacations!
Imagine if the glass broke. You'd be carried out to a free fall and couldn't do anything about it. As cool as it is, I wouldn't go in one of those past the third floor.
this is why i love architecture
stalker... -_- but sooooooo great
세대당 풀장하나라.. 기발하군요!!^^ 좀 위험하기도 해보이고.. 물갈이 할라면 배수시설이 잘 되어있어야 할텐데...(괜한걱정인가..;;)
I'd love to have water balcony. but doesn't the water spill over?
Jow S
good idea..,fantastic,,,
chilling & also fab.........
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