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It's simply amazing and beautiful..
Human pixels
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This is how we People can make amazing things when come together and this is a good way to chear the beautiful human women face. Thanks
This is a beautiful picture of a woman. I love the abstract looking dots.
Every thing is possible in the world when the people are unite....
Yeah ants will wait like that for people to take a picture... ofcourse it's people. Nice picture.
Very Clever....very amazing, its hard to get three people deciding on what topping on a pizza no less hundreds being strategically placed !!
is this people wait like this is this mistake
That is weird, cool, freaky, amazing, and whats the point of saying more because i can go on All Day Long... Its also a work of art, okay i'm done
that is amazing to have that many people LISTEN to where they shud be in the pic and I bet they were glad when they saw this x
She was a beautiful woman.
Wow that is so kool. Wish I could do something like that. Good job to who ever did this
Agree with the person who said this is a painting. Even so, it's a good conceptual art
omg this is so cool! how did they do this?
whoa! that's cool!!!!
that pic looks like a character in harrypotter series.
Dua hai ki kamyaabi ki har shikhar pe aap hi ka naam hoga,
aapke har kadam par duniya ka salaam hoga,
Himmat se mushikilo ka samana karana hamari dua hai ki
waqt bhi ek din aapaka gulam hoga................
very 9ce pic ...........dil se.............
Beautiful. Lots of possibilities here. A desert background; the sea and gulls ... the serendipity deserves more than fashion, even of this very tasteful variety.
I don't mean to rain on the parade, but since when do people have red shadows?
painted or real its ART, for-real and its appreciated, when we unite there's nothing we can do and also what a beautiful mind to have painted this how long did it take? Your awesome either way.
may i join disssssssssssssss.........................
the most amazing part i think about this picture is, its not that much distance away from the earth in order to make humans look like ants. Yet as a human we feel some how larger the things and we control this planet.. Dots controlling a dot.. that exist inside of a dot.. that floats in a sea of dots.
this is very nice picture.....
sometimes people make something fascinating unknowingly........ and dats d cool fact...........
That is awesome! What an idea and execution...
It's soooooooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooool
Must be someone high up directing human traffic!
its soooooooo mchhhhhh awesmeeeeeee
makes my skin crawl, but its nice!
It's people standing there making this Isabel
cool but wat are thoes thing? are that ants?
I think they are probably tamed koalas.
Like ants
wudn't have required so many of dem if she was naked
if i can contact with you all I had just come in here
Amazing, the hardest thing on this earth is to get a group of people work together like that to get out with a result "like that "
how do u do that???????????????????i had no idea some people culd b so creative
Very cool concept! Its definitely a painting though.
Three things that describe that photo:
1) Talent
2) Beautiful
3) LOTS of effort
That is very pretty, just wonder how they positioned all the people!?
Kate S
Very cool...Thats soooooooo pretty!
This wonderful, very unique and different portrait of Audrey Hepburn. Gotta love the styles and sophistication from this era!
Someone is suggesting this is painted. I agree that this is not done with real people but I am looking at it and it appears to be done with miniatures (like for model trains). I like the idea and the detailed work.
Why are the shadows for the red people, also red?
Reminiscent of Lowry
this is it.......
I call it a tribute for a great actress from very creative people :)
Very cool team it
Hey aprile ! Thanks for sending me an invite ! We have a lot in common!
HEY !!! Wouldn't it be neat to organize a great song, choreographed & costumed & lite into a FLASH MOB that would ultimately form a picture using this style of medium !!! how neat would that be? anyone game to organize such a thing?
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