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There will always come a time in life when the more you achieve the less accomplished you feel for every mile stone reached is like a new begging and the quest for more simply grows even by the day.
At this point life begging to drain you more than you can think and all you could think about becomes your own selfish self interest, the irony of it is that we don't know it until the ones we claim to be doing it for loose there love and interest in us.
Its important to know that fulfilment comes from satisfaction and not having everything. The happy people don't have everything but make the best out of everything they have!
Be happy
Happy Sunday 

Our actions are the determining factor of what will happen tomorrow
Do this before you act that's one of the irreverseable thing in life....!

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Life becomes meaningfull if we all love and live in content with what it has to offer each and every one of us !!!!!!

life is not all about what is available but all that is obtainable!

In the line of gr8ness, there is no turning back.
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