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Dr Alan Bauman
Helping People Regrow Hair... :)
Helping People Regrow Hair... :)

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Burn Awareness Day brings attention to potentially life-threatening and disfiguring injuries caused by often preventable accidents. #BeBurnsAware +Bauman Medical Group Hair Transplant & Hair Loss Treatment Center is often asked to assist with assisting burn survivors who have had injury or trauma to the scalp and hair loss. +Alan Bauman, a trained surgeon from NY, had surgical internship and residency training in prominent burn centers in Manhattan before specializing in hair transplant surgery. Today he often uses a combination of hair replacement (like the 3D printed CNC Hair Prosthesis) or hair transplant surgery to restore hair to those who have lost scalp hair, eyebrows or eyelashes due to injuries or trauma such as from a burn.

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We are looking forward to sharing Misty's story at @martinocartier #wigsandwishes! #tuesdaytranformation

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Pleasure to be on the air with #EhealthRadio to discuss what's new in #hairloss treatments and hair transplant procedures including minimally-invasive no-linear-scar FUE using ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration. Listen to the podcast to find out the answers to these common questions:

How common is hair loss in men and women?
 What are the signs of hair loss?
What is the psychological impact of hair loss?
 Medical treatments have been considered snake oil, “lotions, potions, rugs and plugs” in the past… what’s changed? 
Does Rogaine work? What’s better than Rogaine?
 We see laser therapy touted in consumer magazines, do lasers work to grow hair?
 What are the top myths about hair loss?
 Do hair transplants really work? Are they permanent?
 What is different about hair transplants today than years ago? 
I heard you can transplant eyebrows and eyelashes, how does that work? 
What’s next with stem cell technology in hair regrowth?

Start your hair restoration or hair transplant consultation at

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Looking fwd 2 #wigsandwishes w/ @martinocartier, we fondly remember smiling Genny & her brave battle w/ brain cancer.

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What Happens During an FUE Hair Transplant?

Watch Robert's FUE Hair Transplant procedure from-start-to-finish using ARTAS robotic-assisted graft harvesting as well as NeoGraft FUE manual harvesting.

From Robert's initial consultation, to his pre-procedure laser therapy session, robotic antiseptic scalp wash, artistic planning, "Ouchless" local anesthesia, artistic recipient site creation, manual NeoGraft FUE graft harvesting, ARTAS robotic-assisted FUE graft harvesting, PRP preparation and application, graft placement, post-procedure instructions as well as Robert's 24hr post-procedure follow-up appointment (including his unedited comments about discomfort!)... you can see and learn it all in this complete video of Dr. Bauman and his highly skilled hair transplant team at +Bauman Medical Group Hair Transplant & Hair Loss Treatment Center. Sincerely, +Alan Bauman


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Holistic Hair Restoration Options

Podcast: Discussion With Top Hair Restoration Physician, Dr. Alan Bauman, and Dr. Tony Youn – America’s Holistic Plastic Surgeon

Are you one of the more than 80 million Americans who suffers from hair loss? You may have noticed that your hair is thinning as you get older, and especially after menopause. Or maybe you have a parent who lost his or her hair and you’d like to prevent the same thing from happening to you? If this applies to you, then you’re in luck. You can prevent and reverse hair loss, and you don’t necessarily need hair transplant surgery to do it… you many want to consider holistic hair restoration options!

Hair Loss Questions?
Is there a “holistic” solution to hair loss and hair thinning? What are the best nutritional and nutraceutical supplements for hair loss? What are the more powerful, less greasy Rogaine/Minoxidil alternatives? How does laser therapy work to enhance hair growth at the level of the follicle? Does PRP Platelet Rich Plasma work for mild, moderate or extensive hair loss? How can we measure the results from a hair restoration regimen? If a hair transplant is needed, how do I determine if I’m a good candidate for FUE Follicular Unit Extraction with NeoGraft or ARTAS robotic system?

Join me, Dr. Alan Bauman – Voted #1 Top Hair Restoration Physician, because these questions and more are answered in this unique up-to-date podcast on hair loss and hair restoration, hosted by my good friend and colleague Dr. Anthony Youn.

+Dr. Anthony S. Youn, MD
+Anthony Youn

+Bauman Medical Group Hair Transplant & Hair Loss Treatment Center w/ +Alan Bauman

#holistic #hair #restoration #thinning #loss #alopecia #male #female #pattern #laser #82M #prp #artas #fue #neograft

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Eyebrows Not Growing?

Christina's eyebrow loss / eyebrow transplant story starts as a child, when over-plucking and over-tweezing caused permanently missing eyebrows. When her eyebrows didn't grow back, over the years she turned to makeup pencils, micropigmentation (tattooing) or permanent makeup and other eyebrow replacement options. Today, however, she will receive permanent restoration of her own living and growing eyebrows with Dr. Alan Bauman's FUE Eyebrow Transplant procedure. The eyebrow transplant procedure is performed comfortably under Dr. Bauman's famous "ouchless" local anesthesia and unlike old-style hair transplants, requires absolutely NO scalpel or stitches in the Donor Area where follicles are harvested. These areas are harvested using NeoGraft FUE techniques which absolutely NO linear scar whatsoever. These individual follicles will be meticulously transplanted into the eyebrow area by Dr. Bauman and his team with careful attention to the angle, orientation and position of the follicles, which determines the final outcome.

Eyebrow Transplant Video

In this eyebrow transplant video above, originally seen by those who follow Dr. Alan Bauman's Instagram #IGstory, you can see all of the parts of the eyebrow restoration and eyebrow transplantation--from the planning, comfortable anesthesia, harvesting, graft quality check, counting and sorting, as well as the implantation and 24-hour post-op. Watch the video and listen to Christina say during her eyebrow transplant, "This is easy surgery!"
Stay tuned for more updates on the healing and growth phases. Follow Dr. Alan Bauman and Bauman Medical Group on Instagram. +Alan Bauman +Bauman Medical Group Hair Transplant & Hair Loss Treatment Center
#eyebrow #loss #transplant #surgery #medical #cosmetic #fue #nolinearscar #easysurgery #neograft #video

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Missed Christina's #eyebrowtransplant #IGstory? See all parts of the procedure @transplant_hair #overplucking #tractionalopecia

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Missed this week's interview on the latest #hairrestoration treatments? Tune in for info on male and female hair thinning, hair transplants, laser therapy, prp platelet rich plasma and rogaine alternative Formula 82M topical finasteride 82F.

#82m #rogaine #alternative #PRP #artas #hairtransplant #alopecia #interview #male #female #hairloss #lasercap #topicalfinasteride
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