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"The water fountains are warm, and the locker rooms look like a prison."
"Worst management and poor customer service."
"TODAY "Boycott 24 hour fitness" Rude staff."
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Larry baglio
in the last week
This gym is big, I work out very early so crowds are not an issue however this gym is old and in serious need of tlc. When a piece of equipment breaks it stays broken for weeks. The men's showers are literally falling apart and are full of mildew. A couple of the showers leak continuously. I mentioned this to a staff member three weeks ago and they are still leaking, wasting precious water.
Jade Brite's profile photo
Jade Brite
3 months ago
All of this gym's staff should be fired. No real management runs this place and it shows. Many machines, bikes, treadmills have been out of order for months. Their air-conditioner system has been broken for months and since there are no windows to open, the gym stinks. The place is filthy. The cleaning crew spends more talking on their phones instead of cleaning, and when they do clean, they only use cheap, toxic, industrial chemicals that makes the air unbreathable. The cleaners also use a ton of bleach to make the gym "smell clean," but it only gives us members a headache and chokes us. 24 Hour Fitness should have switched to non-toxic detergents a long time ago, but what do you expect from a cheap company that hires only cheap, Non-English speaking illegals to work for them?! I would also like to point out that when the staff at 24 Hour Fitness signs up new members, they never teach them to re-rack their weights, thus all of the weights are randomly left in various places throughout the floor. If they aren't teaching each new member proper gym etiquette, they should at least have a floor manager who would re-rack all of the weights after the careless members who can't be bothered to be neat! Additionally, most of the water fountains either do not work at all, or are barely dripping, or they deliver only lukewarm water. If my overall rating could be no stars it would be still way too many stars to rate this gym!
• • •
Bjoern Kommerell's profile photo
Bjoern Kommerell
5 months ago
Whoever manages this place should be fired immediately. Most poorly maintained gym I have seen. The 10 year old floor mats are ripped, smell badly and have never been cleaned or replaced. Some of the spinning bikes are in unacceptable condition. Some treadmills are squeaking so loud that you can't hear your own ipod music anymore. I mentioned it to them at least once a week for the last 2 months. NOTHING happened. Screws look out of the floors, jacuzzi area is closed off for over 7 month and I would never set a foot in the nasty locker rooms. And on top of all is the counter staff undertrained and gives out wrong information. I was a member here since 2003 when it was a prestigious beautiful gym. But it's been going downhill extremely in the last 6 years. Sad.
• • •
Fabien Benhamou's profile photo
Fabien Benhamou
4 months ago
its ok, but still dirty, loy of machines broken, weights every where in the room, have to look for it for a long time, stuff rurally rude, some think they re cowboys behind their desk, i stopped it one year ago, the pool was disgusting and spa full of dirt all around in the joint, go look at it, then i went back , the stuff promised they changed everything, i guess that was just for his poor 10 bucks commission, still dirty, more machines broken, more disgusting weird shit around the pool,,,and the locker are horrible, i usually take my clothes quickly and try to leave faster than the microbes....
• • •
Aaron Williamson's profile photo
Aaron Williamson
a month ago
Im not from this area and this was my first time visiting this 24hour fitness. Normally I enjoy an early morning workout and shower. Machines weren't working, it had a wierd smell. When I went to the locker room there were homeless people sleeping in there. I never lock my stuff up but I had to run to my car to grab a lock just to be safe. The front desk lady was kinda rude and it made me take a step back wondering, Did she really just say that? Not a big fan of this place other then its right next to The Arclight Theater
• • •
Cin M's profile photo
Cin M
in the last week
Well, this place looked cool from across the way at the bar in ArcLight - but it was only around 8 - 8:30pm on a Saturday night, and they kept flicking the lights off, like they were closing??? Why would I want to join a "24 Hour" health club if it's NOT OPEN 24 hours?!?!?
Brian Sexton
4 months ago
The one star is solely for location, which is perfect for the I-5/84 commuters, as well as those utilizing the Max and those living in NE Portland. The facility itself and the staff who work there are the worst I have encountered. I have been a member for a month, and I am wishing that I had found another gym to join. If you are considering joining 24 hour at this location I would strongly advise you not to unless you can handle to following poor conditions. The facility is rundown and dirty. Machines remain broken for long amounts of time, and when they are repaired they appear unsafe or unusable. There are never enough available weights, benches or space to effectively work out. The sanitation is incredibly questionable as well. In most gyms there are multiple sanitation stations offering spray and towels to wipe the sweat from the benches. This place has one unfilled bottle in the back that is never used. This, and the lack of a/c in the facility means that after each work-out you'll have to shower and burn your clothes in order to avoid a staff infection. But wait, you can't shower at this 24 hour unless you either enjoy being ogled by the homeless allowed to come in and use the bathroom facilities or have the desire to treat any number of diseases caught due to the uncleanliness of the shower stalls. Despite the safety hazards brought on by the poorly maintained equipment and environment (which is actually doable, if done right), the worst part about this location is the sales team and the management. They are unprofessional and non-ethical. The sales team had no problem talking to me and setting me up with a "deal" that was supposed to save me money and give me what I wanted out of a short-term membership. Turns out what they had talked to me about and what the reality is are two different things. When this is brought to the attention of the management I am told that I am "clearly in the wrong, and I am obviously misunderstanding how they operate". No apologies, no attempt at reconciliation or investigation into the matter are made. Only conclusions drawn is that I am wrong. As someone who runs a business, manages staff and serves hundreds of customers: this is BAD customer service. I don't care about the money that was prematurely taken from my checking account or the headaches this has caused because of that. What I care about is how I, the customer, am treated when I have a grievance to report and how that grievance is handled. The customer, no matter how wrong the service provider may think they are, is always right and should be treated with respect. I know what I was told by the sales-person because had I not been given that great "deal" I would not have agreed to a re-occurring membership, but a short term, non-reoccurring monthly payment option which is promoted on their website. Being called stupid and wrong is never the way to handle a disgruntled consumer. Their management needs to go back to school and learn some tact and proper business practices. If you're on the fence about joining this location, know that the convenience of location has its major pitfalls.
• • •
Eric Du Bois's profile photo
Eric Du Bois
6 months ago
This gym could be so great but it just isn't. All the negative reviews are spot on. It is very unfortunate. I still go to this location very simply because of its location. I wish this gym was better. The spa could be finished. The treads and ellipticals could be maintained. The showers could be scrubbed clean regularly. The TV's maintained. The staff could be more hospitable. The gym could be cleaner overall. It seems like the management is just not up to par. I don't know. But I'll keep going for the location.
• • •