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On behalf of Google's Accessibility team, I'm excited to announce that you can now add closed captions to your videos uploaded to Google+!

Why add captions, you ask? Adding captions and subtitles makes your videos more accessible to people who can't follow along with the audio -- either because they speak a different language, or because they are deaf or hard of hearing. To get started, simply:

- Open one of your videos in the lightbox view (from the Videos tab on your profile, for instance)
- Click 'Options' at the bottom-left of your screen, then choose 'Closed captions'
- Click 'Add new captions or transcript' in the video details pane, then upload your file

If a video on Google+ has captions available, just click the 'CC' button to turn them on. If you'd like more details on creating and uploading captions, feel free to check out the Google+ Help Center (

Let us know what you think in the comments, and happy captioning!

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Where can I view the video in your screenshot?
Yeah I found it, thanks. It's not that exciting though :-/
mmm, looks familiar.. why can't I just merge my youtube channel and my google+ video? also merge my channel and my +account?
When there will be a possibility to upload more than 1GB of video?
Really huge limit so far.
Awesome.. now if we can embed youtube code to add videos to our VIDEOS SECTION that way or attach our youtube channels to show up on plus videos +James deBoer !
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