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Spiritual Journey First Thursday
I'm taking part this year in Spiritual Journey First Thursday and will be hosting it in July Today I will be commenting on  Leigh Anne Eck one little word for 2017 What fun to get and receive impute from so many different personalitie...

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Spiritual Journey Thursday of 2017
I've agreed to host this journey on Thursday July 6, 2017 but I will also be sharing each post. Clink on the link and read Carol's joyful blog about her one word.   Beyond Literacy Link Since we're talking about words lets learn some new ones: 1 .propagate ...

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Did you make a New Year Resolution??
Why do we do make them because no one ever keeps them!  It's like whispering a secret then yelling just kidding.  Here are my desires for 2017... be more patient with annoying people... whether it's family, friends or strangers to shut my mouth and listen m...

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My Word for 2017 is Junket
I'm going on a journey of promises...    I promise to write every day                                                               I promise to blog every week                                                              I promise to submit every month    ...

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Southern Christmas
Where you can Christmas shop in shorts at 2:00 pm and at 6:00 pm have on two coats and four pair of gloves.  That this time of the year the Southern winds hates everyone.... I truly think they punish all because they miss the sun and flip flops... In the so...

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Are you thankful for small joys
The small things in life really are the most important to our happiness.  Think about it, we have small joys everyday.  A child's smile, a hug from a friend, spouse or parent... how many of you are guilty like me of not taking the time to feel the rush of p...

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I would rather be a Honey Bee
I've been looking around at our world
and realized that I'm now part of the generation that frowns on change.
 My Granny thought Elvis Presley was a tool of the devil... and we won't
even talk about the Beatles, mini-skirts and bell bottom jeans. So I start...

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A word picture for you
Today I rearranged my chickens love life.  I have many breeds but only two pure blood roosters.  I have a Speckled Sussex's so I put him with my three speckled hens and to just see what happens with my white leghorn hens.  Update in about two months I borro...

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I have a confession
I am a chicken addict. It has been fives days since I brought chickens (20)  but.... in four days the hen who has been carefully tending 25 eggs will get her reward (or curse) when the eggs hatch.  And I took 48 eggs to a lady to hatch out for me. And I ord...

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Welcome to Day 10 of the 2016 Progressive Poem.  Each year Irene Latham of  Live Your Poem , invites poets to her own poetry festivities to help develop and build a progressive poem for National Poetry Month.  Each of 30 different poets supplies a line on t...
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