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I really hope someone can help me  because I've been scouring the Internet and have come up completely empty.

I have a Wordpress installation, running the most recent version. My hosting company has an automatic backup system that stops working once you get past 1000 files on the system.  Therefore, I need to move all of my images off-site to get below the 1000 file limit.  The website is a series of galleries, however, I have been entirely unable to get my galleries to work at all with external image files.  It seems this has been a problem for years and years and years but no one has ever written a plugin that allows the regular Wordpress gallery program to access external images stored off site.

I have tried using Flickr plugins but they either do not properly read the images, do not allow you to use captions with the images (which are required) or do not properly format the images into the gallery format.  My preferred format is the typical 3 across that gallery defaults to but at this point, I'm not picky anymore.

I've even considered moving everything off-site to something like Picassa, but since Google bought it and is replacing it with Google Images and those images no longer allow captions, that won't work either.

Any suggestions would be wonderful, I've been fighting with this for weeks and am absolutely desperate.  I need to get my site totally rebuilt in the next couple of weeks for an event.  Thank you all!

It's sad but there's really not much to do in Dragonvale, I am working on the very last non-limited dragon in the game and once I get that, there's nothing more to breed for!  I got the Aurora, I got the Frostbite, I just got the Mirror and all I have left is the Gold Olympus, otherwise it's limited dragons all the way down.

Now what do I do? :)

I'm kind of disappointed, I thought that you'd be able to give a way dragons that you have in your park to your friends.  I have a couple of multiples that my wife doesn't have, I wanted to give them to her, but you can't do that, you'll just get spammed with the same freebie dragon that everyone got, so I understand, every time you give a gem.  Isn't that kind of pointless?

Any announcement on when BEB will start this year?  I've got 12 dragons total that I'm missing and most of them are out of season, I'm ready to get working!

Seriously, is this event a little disappointing to anyone else?  First off, it's the same mechanics as every other event, nothing ever changes and they never mix anything up.  Secondly, the prizes this time out are pointless.  You get one decor, one egg on pedestal, two of the same dragon and two island themes.  I couldn't care less about the island themes, I haven't bought any of the others, I never will, I care nothing for mindless eye candy.  So other than the fact that I have no choice but to play along because there's nothing to it but doing the same things you do all the time anyhow, why bother?

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After having a really awful September, only getting a single new dragon all month, I was about to give up, then I got two dragons I needed within seconds of each other.  Strange how that works sometimes.

Just got my Wisp, now I only need two more regular dragons, Gold Olympus and Hydra and am breeding for both.  Which one will I get first?

I was assuming that the second dragon that we got from the latest event was a different dragon.  I ended up getting it in the closing hours of the event and it's the same dragon over again?  I'd much rather have had the gems!

I was so excited to finally get my Diamond dragon (level 97, still had never come up), but now I'm regretting it.  I thought I finally might get some new dragons in this game, but in 13 breeds with other dragons, I have, without fail, gotten the other dragon I was breeding it with 100% of the time.  Breed with fire, get fire.  Breed with night, get night.  Breed with tropic, get tropic.  Just bred it with water and there were a huge number of dragons I didn't have that I could have gotten and only 4 that I already had.  Got water.

Geez, this is frustrating.

Here's a question.  My wife's tablet took a catastrophic dump and had to be repaired (ie replaced) by the manufacturer. She lost all of her games. I'd have thought that they could be replaced by the developers, but apparently, after early 2013, TeamLava cannot replace anything and she had to start over and lose a year's worth of progress.  However, what happens if you spent a lot of money on the game and TL can't replace your game?  Do they give you your money back? Dragonvale is linked to her Facebook account and is easy to recover, Dragon Story is not.  Honestly, I'd be very wary of playing any game where your game isn't dependent on your hardware and can't be backed up somewhere.
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