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Anyone else beyond sick of the "Scroogled" campaign?

I just don't understand why Bing / Microsoft are so bitter towards Google (well, I do - because Google rules). Even their april fool's day joke is attacking Google. Enough is enough. (Go to and search Google) - check out what they have to say in the boxes by hovering your mouse over them. It's pretty ridiculous in my opinion. If only they spent their time and energy on improving their own products....   #Bing   #Scroogled   #Microsoft   #AprilFools

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This could be the definition of insanity or elite...I'm still not sure which.
From last week's NYT Magazine, a portrait of a runner with staggering skills.  He can run 8 hours without drinking because he barely sweats. He was born in the Pyrenees and completed a 7.5-mile cross-country ski race when he was 3.  A few years ago he ran the 165-mile Tahoe Rim Trail (plus a 5-mile detour) and beat the previous record by 7 hours.  

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I find this really amusing. I would love to see the art in person. Combining two things I love, art and technology. I find interactive artwork to be quite amazing.

I think this is particularly neat because it's a combination of old days and new - how creative.

Mashable: Touchscreen Gestures Reimagined as Sculptures.

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Oh, I like the sounds of this. No more ugly sticky note widgets and my reminder notes will be uniform across all devices.

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my only complaints about +Android gesture typing: (1) it can't figure out when I want too or to and always chooses "to" ... no, rarely the right option - then it becomes battle of erasing the spaces. (2) it doesn't like the word "sucks" and i've found that apparently I do... maybe it's time for a vocabulary change on my part :)

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sad that i never made it to Vancouver :(
Capilano Suspension Bridge - Vancouver, British Columbia

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the best #tbt  i've seen. wowwwzers.

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