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New post Cat Health Problems to Watch Out For - Cat health problems aren't always obvious as cats don't really show when they are in pain and have no way of communicating that as humans do. However, there are some things that mean there is something seriously wrong. This is the second part of Raffers' tale and follows on from his kidney stone episode (you can read the first part at EzineArticles). We brought the big boy back from the vet where he had been given a clean bi...

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Check out Cat Health Problems to Watch Out For

Reading Do You Need a Cat Training Guide?
Many cat owners don't believe that they need a cat training guide and that training a cat doesn't require any specific skills, just instinct. A lot of people think that if they've already trained a dog then they know how to train a cat. The fact is that there are a lot of erroneous beliefs about cat...

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New post How to Wash a Cat (Joke) -  

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