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Because life is happening, so do it.
Because life is happening, so do it.

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The colours used are TOO subtle.
It's really difficult to tell the difference between school, ground and hospital for instance especially when they are close together.
Less intuitive than before.

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The VW ad was cutting and necessary.

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Travelling through, and hearing about, the USA the regularity of gun crime in the country was unsettling and pretty damn appalling. And the government have their hands tied by themselves, ridiculous. What forms of gun control work best? Congress bans federal agencies from finding out.

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Let's just use the full metric system already (l/100,000 km).

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Google's matching your donations. Do something.

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Unclear whether he was actually rejected, but I'd love to see a same sex couple dance Strictly Come Dancing. Mixing up those rôles would be great for "a family show" (especially mid routine).

Construction in the US: blueprints commonly signify measurements using decimals (e.g. 9.2 ft.); since feet are not divided into tenths on US measuring tapes, builders commonly are forced to make conversions on-site that are often imprecise. In the previous example, 9.2 ft equals 9 ft 2.4 inches; slightly more than the 9 ft 2-3/8 mark on US tape measures. (Source Wiki)

So safe.

Oh my. Gone Girl is such a complex, gripping movie. It's just, so enjoyable. Highly recommend.

If you fast during ramadan, what are you meant to do in Arctic countries where the sun sets for less than an hour, or not at all?

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An after photo from the shaving. Not terrible at all.
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