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Diamonds are the girls best friends
After so many weeks saying nothing: HELLO! It's true, diamonds are the girls best friends, but it's not just the diamonds it's everything related to the fashion industry, from the runway till the magazines. Who's the girl who doesn't like fashion, mostly if...

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This is New York!
Oh, New York, New York... The big city. It's the best place in the world. I always dreamed about this city (I still dreaming), being on 5th Avenue looking at all these stores, shop at all these big stores, being on the of the world (Empire State Building), ...

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The bad boys
Yesterday when I was in Starbucks with Jane, I saw the most beautiful guy on the Earth. He was tall, he had green eyes and brown hair, he was super hot, but those are the only things that I know about him, and his name, Thomas. I don't know where he lives, ...

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True Friendship
Hello everyone, Today I have to talk about my friends. I have a lot of friends(not so many) but I only have three special friends, my best friends. Rosie, Megan and Jane. They are all amazing friends. Rosie it's that kind of girl who always has an issue wit...

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My dream or my reality?
Here I am on the Big Apple. I'm looking at the big Christmas Tree on Rockerfeller Rink, and it's beautiful. And what is also beautiful is people doing skating, laughing, falling and being happy. This is magical. This is the best time of the year, it's almos...
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