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Memorial Day - Include the Number of Memorials Removed Each Year in Every Celebration
Memorial Day As we attempt to remove all memorials of the Confederacy, it seems that ceremonies surrounding Memorial Day, and perhaps Memorial Day itself, will be erased. Will the removal of Confederate Memorials do anything to improve the test scores of Bl...

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New Information and Experienced and Expert Advisers
Not a Trump Fan, but . . . As a person grows and is exposed to additional information, ideas and opinions one would expect changing views. This is certainly not hypocritical. In fact, a person that receives new facts and opinions that should change personal...

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One and a Half Million Gallons of Water - for free!!!! (IF you operate a data-center - even in drought zones!)
What Drought? The media continues to manipulate the public. Some stories are widely reported on a regular basis. Others are hardly reported at all. Why? In 2014, we were told that the drought in the San Antonio area was the worst in 500-years. Of course, gl...

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Stop Treating Blacks as Violent People
“Police in Tulsa, Oklahoma, were preparing for protests on Thursday after a white officer was acquitted by a jury of killing an unarmed black man in a case that stirred tensions over racial bias in policing. ” Reuters May 18, 2017 The police and city offici...

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They Count on our Stupidity
In the latest proof that those in power count on our stupidity is the President’s statement that the Russian Ambassador met with President Obama! His assertion is that since the President met with this same ambassador as Jeff Sessions, people are hypocrites...

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A New Congress is Needed - One That Will Do Its Job!
Republicans tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA- commonly known as Obamacare) at least 62 times, so it is
very said that they have no plan for the new Republican president. It was hardly a secret that candidate Trump wanted to
replace Obamacare, ye...

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It Seems Obvious: We Should Not Lie
Doctors have long known about the phantom feelings that amputees express. They insist that they can feel their missing arm, hand or leg.
Doctors force these people to accept the reality of their body and do not
encourage them to rely on their feelings .

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Divide and Conquer
Watching violent protestors, reading hateful comments on blog-sites about Americans, and listening to conversations on the radio caused me to wonder what happened to the 'home of the brave'. We should be careful about overreacting and be careful of people w...

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Executive Order - Justice? Home of the Brave?
Malala, the girl who won the Nobel Peace Prize at the age of 17 after an attempted assassination by Islamist terrorists, spoke out against Mr. Trump’s Executive Order. I immediately donated money (again) to The Malala Fund ( ) because I a...

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NPR False Reporting, Again
This morning, January 8, 2017, NPR did it again! It was widely reported during the past two days that the gunman who shot people in a Florida airport was previously in police custody. Those reports stated that the police took him to a mental health facility...
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