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Best SEO Company Promotes First Page of Google Business Rankings
Best SEO Company Promotes First Page of Google Business Rankings

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First Page of Google...that's right - First Page of Google Guaranteed in 1 month or less!!

Mark Jackett here, Director of Operations for SpotlightVenturesMedia and Here at Spotlight we use a combination of YouTube Video SEO and Google+ Blogging along with other First Page of Google strategies to get your business ranked at the top of the First Page of Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, and other major search engines to create maximum exposure on the Internet. We will also continue to work with you far into the future to keep your website updated with new fresh content to ensure that you maintain your first page placement into the future...

We provide a FREE website and SEO Analysis of your existing website to show you exactly what we need to do to get you to the top of theĀ  search engine listings and to keep you there...

For more info please contact me at 1-888-303-1955 or go to and let Spotlight show you the way!
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First Page of Google - SEO Guaranteed? First Page of Google - SEO GUARANTEED!

Mark Jackett here, Director of Operations for Spotlight Ventures Media for the past few years we've been hearing criticism aired all over the Internet from "skeptics" - some of it even making it to the first page of Google, ironically enough - regarding first page of Google "guarantees"...This is the first time I've addressed it in an open forum and I would like to start off by whipping out my Webster's New World Dictionary and telling you how it defines the word "guarantee" - 1) a pledge to replace something if it is not as represented, 2) an assurance that something will be done as specified, 3) to promise...Here at our "guarantee" is a "money-back guarantee" (or a money-back "promise"), if we fail to deliver on our "guarantee" to get a business ranked on the first page of Google for particular keywords or keyword strings that our clients have selected for their websites, videos, etc.

Now, having said that, obviously we are aware, realize, and admit that we cannot guarantee first page of Google placement for every single client for every keyword string they choose in every single case (and we don't!)...having said this, I think most of us Internet savvy individuals have heard statistics like this one - "96% of all Google searches end on the first page and the second page gets the rest and so on..." - if this is true or anywhere even close to being true then why on earth would a business client hire an SEO company to do anything less than guarantee first page of Google placement??

I, myself, am not aware of anyone who, with a gun to their head, could always fulfill "a first page placement guarantee" under any and all circumstances...unless, of course, we include the use of sponsored links...and then again when you think about it, that still gets the business client on the first page, doesn't it?

Here at Spotlight, we are careful when we use the word "guaranteed" because we are aware that 1) We don't want to be put into a position where we have to give money back and 2) we also understand that the use of the word "guaranteed" can create confusion in the minds of those who don't understand the definition we are using...on the other hand, in most cases, we can't accept an SEO job that we can't guarantee because...of the statistic mentioned above. Most people believe it and business owners don't want to pay an advertising company for a billboard in to speak.

In closing, I would like to say that here at Spotlight, more than 50% of our free analyses end in a first page of Google "money-back guarantee" for most if not all of the keyword strings selected...And we rarely have to honor our "money-back guarantee". I hope this clarifies to the skeptics out there how REPUTABLE SEO companies are using the word "Guarantee" in a proper fashion and will help to end all this mindless criticism revolving around something that is really not a CLAIM but rather an assurance of satisfaction that is extended to business clients who are paying for Search Engine Optimization.

Please feel free to contact me at or goto or call me at 1-888-303-1955...and let Spotlight show you the way.
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