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Well, Hello Again!
Yes. I know. I said I was back and I thought I was back but clearly I was not back so let us just move on, shall we? Excuses are as follows: crazy first 6 months at a new job, dead computer, continuous internet issues (partly the bad computer's fault, as it...

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Paula's Choice Trials Continued
Happy Wednesday and Happy February! Continuing the review of some of the trial sizes I've purchased from Paula's Choice, today we'll talk about the 'extras'. These are products that can either substitute for products out of the main routine or can be added....

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Paula's Choice Skin Care Trials
Happy Monday! Sorry there were no posts last week. Though it wasn't intentional, I did end up taking the entire week off from blogging. Still fighting some kind of respiratory thing. I think it's just allergies and sinus type stuff but there's also some har...

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Chocolate Every Month! Chococurb
Happy Friday! How about something completely different for a rare Friday post? Let's talk about some chocolate.  I saw this in a YouTube video and decided to give it a try. Chococurb is a monthly chocolate subscription box. There are two sizes available. Th...

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Walgreens Eyeshadow Palette Haul - Rimmel and Cover Girl
Happy Wednesday! I know. I know. Like I needed more eyeshadow - especially after getting the Sweet Peach palette. But you know how it is. Most people have a weakness. Mine just happens to be eyeshadow palettes.  Drug store brands have really been stepping u...

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Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette
Happy Monday! I am excited to share with you a palette that I've been eyeing for some time now. For Christmas, I received a gift card from Sephora and I knew exactly what I would spend it on. I've seen YouTube reviews and swatches of this palette and knew I...

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Paula's Choice Gorgeous On The Go Makeup Collection
Happy Wednesday! Today I have a Paula's Choice makeup collection for you. This one is called Gorgeous on the Go and includes a face palette and lip gloss. The lip gloss is a gorgeous plum-ish color with - wait for it - holographic glitter! I mean seriously!...

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ELF Mad For Matte 2
Happy Monday! I finally got my hands on the new matte eyeshadow palette from ELF - Mad for Matte 2. colors are deeper in real life than they appear here I loved the original Mad for Matte palette. Here's a side by side for comparison. original on the bottom...

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Julep Boost Your Radiance Facial Oil
Happy Wednesday! Just had to share a surprise that came to me earlier this week. I'm writing this on Monday night and had just gone in to take off the makeup and do the evening skincare routine. I happened to glance in the mirror and had to do a double take...

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My First Fab Fit Fun Box!
Happy New Year! Yeah. I know. That was Sunday and you're probably reading this either late Monday or early on Tuesday. But the year is only a few days old so...Happy New Year! Anyway... I've seen this box reviewed a gagillion times on YouTube and finally de...
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