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I need your help! the newly registered Frye Apps has released its first beta test version of our unit converter app and we need people to test it out and give us some feedback.

it is available (currently for free!) on the android app store. at
(or just search "frye Unit Converter" in the android market)

it is also on our site at

and it is also available (again currently for free!) as a google gadget at

i promise to love you for ever and always if you give it a try. =)
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Hey Nick,

Very cool and fast! A few suggestions from my first 5 minutes.

Missing unit, more for fun then anything useful: league, lumens, BTU, horse power.

Small bug sometimes on the google gadget version where if you have selected the input box, then switch to a different tab and then go back the prompt to start typing units comes back and you have to click out of the box and back in to clear it.

One other issue. Start typing 50 km/h everything is good. Add the r to make it 50 km/hr and it errors out. Probably just need to add hr as an abbreviation, like the km part.

Is there going to be a iOS app?

sweet thanks for the feedback James!
We will do all those things
as for the iOS version... there will be if we can make enough off of the android version the cover the cost of the i0s development kit. so... hopefully?
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