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You people should all watch this stylish animated short "Henri & Edmond: Copyright" RIGHT NOW! Henri & Edmond - Droits d'auteur

Google+ just became my new best friend... they added Events...

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Recursively downloading ALL the IRC logs since 2007 up until today for HTML5.... that's not a terrible idea right?

Isn't it super awesome when you find that one instance where you decided to use "touchpoints" instead of "touchPoints" that was causing your entire program not to work for several hours! SO AWESOME!

It will never cease to annoy me how the Windows 7 Tablet I'm working on has a faster boot time then my netbook running Arch... It's ARCH for pete-sake, that should not have a longer boot time! ...stupid windows 7 quick boot...

In the spirit of Bill and Ted day, "Be excellent to each other" and "Party on dudes!"

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This is just too cool... Buttons that rise and recede into a touchscreen!

Does anybody know of really good Windows 7 Tablet Development tools? I need to grab articles anyways (on which ones are good/bad), but if anybody has any pointers/starting points, I'll gladly take them!
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