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Will Toyota sell Tacoma with a diesel motor in Canada in the next few years? I run a small landscape business and cannot afford to buy a gas version that gets poor fuel economy.
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I keep posting it as many places as I can and no one replies from Toyota...
F150 is huge in size for me...Ford Ranger is a pile of crap
Yeah the F150 is pretty big. Is it worse on fuel than the Jeep you have?
I want a Japanese truck...with diesel. My jeep gets 15 miles to the gallon and has a tiny turn radius that you can put a snow plow on...
Toyota makes the Hilux in diesel... not here though ;)
I know its all over the world except Canada/U.S. because of California emissions..
The worst part is, I hear they make them here :)
hmmm I would like to find out if that is really true...
Unreal... and no one from Toyota replies to this...