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Are Customers Satisfied with Dan Scarfo as an Attorney?
Yes, they are. I have had a lot of grateful clients for the last 20 years since I have been combining my medical and legal experience. I love my job and eagerly help people trying to maintain sincere relationship with them. I am able to concern a person with his/her individual needs and issues. Dr. Dan Scarfo is always here to help you.

Know your enemy – get full diagnoses with internal medicine specialist Daniel Scarfo

Health is precious, thus any threat to it must be eliminated. Sometimes we are not even suspecting that we are subjects to illness attack and when symptoms are already hard to ignore we search for help. Don’t be negligent, it is much easier to cope with any illness on the initial stage. Get you full diagnoses now!
Dan Scarfo with his 20 years of experience and strong academic knowledge is the best specialist to turn to. He is a board certified internal medicine physician and attorney with experience in internal medicine and law spheres. Internal medicine emphasizes importance of right diagnose for effective treatment. Dan Scarfo was specially trained to use research methods for full analysis of patient symptoms. He is fully qualified to perform diagnoses and prescribe appropriate treatment. When the cause of illness is identified timely and correctly, it is much easier to cope with it and appears to be less costly in comparison with the late identified cases. Save your health and money – use consultancy services and diagnose problems before they strike. Better prevent then treat consequences.

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Need consultancy on medical malpractice cases or medication? Daniel Scarfo, professional board certified internal medicine Physician and attorney, is willing to help.
Encountering 20 years of practical expectance in internal medicine and law spheres, complemented by extensive experience in the Global Pharmaceutical business, Dan Scarfo specializes on consultancy services for lawyers and pharmaceutical companies.
Outstanding performance is a motto throughout life: starting with excellency in studies (Magna Cum Laude in J.D. Health Law And Policy Program and Honors in Medicine from SUNY Downstate Medical Center), continuing on to successful work at St. Paul Ramsey Hospital, Richmond Kidney Center, Goldsmith Richman & Harz LLP, Purdue Pharma L.L.P., Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals and up to successful track record of Daniel Scarfo’s consultancy work nowadays.
Daniel Scarfo holds New York Medical License, U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency License, Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiac, Trauma and Pediatric Advanced Life Support. His professional affiliations include Fellow American College of Legal Medicine, American College of Physicians, American Medical Association, Drug information Association, American Society of Addiction Medicine, American Bar Association and Association of Trial Lawyers of American memberships. The research work done, comprises of Physician Prescribing Patterns in Pharyngitis and usage of Peer Review Articles to Induce off Label Prescribing: Commercial Free Speech.
Dan Scarfo possess strong interpersonal skills, persuasive and presentation techniques, resulted into a unique and important in consultancy business ability of explaining complex medical legal issues simple and understandable including the possible downstream consequences. Another important requirement of success in the fast-changing business environment is the ability to adapt to new regulations and policies which Daniel Scarfo perfectly accomplishes by meeting all the agreed deadlines and demonstrating the best possible results to satisfy all the enquiries of his customers. High work ethics and personal approach are guaranteed.
Please refer to the web-site for feather details, portfolio and contact information, have you got any questions or need more information, or call 862-252-0222.
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