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1970 MG Midget -- For Sale in Roswell, GA

I never wanted to have to do this... but I have to sell my beautiful MG Midget. This car is a gorgeous, fully restored, remarkably reliable, antique British roadster in great condition. I'm moving for my career, and unfortunately the car can't come.

It's a 4-speed manual transmission, 2-door convertible, with a 1275 BMC motor, dual SU carbs, and chrome bumpers. Motor and transmission in great condition, beautiful paint job, 'hidden' CD player with remote control.

Asking $7,500 or best offer.

I bought it about a year ago from a man who fully restored it from two donor cars. The body was completely restored: ground down to bare metal, new floor boards and pillars welded in, repainted and rebuilt. The motor and dash/odometer match, and are in great condition. I have photos of this process that I can show you.

I bought it when it was mostly finished, and completed the job: replaced and tuned many components under the hood, and replaced the entire front suspension. I replaced the spark plugs, fuel pump, points, distributor cap and rotor, ignition wires, carb damper springs, and tuned the carbs and distributor. For the suspension, I replaced the A-arms, coil springs, kingpins, and bump stops, and repainted the wheel wells.

It is 40 years old, though, so there are certainly a few small problems. It is road-ready, but not quite show-quality yet. The soft-top and tonneau covers both work, but have tears in the material around the snaps. The soft-top will keep you dry in the rain, but some water can get in the back in a heavy downpour. There is a small crack in the middle of the dashboard. The instrument light behind the temperature gauge is out (all other instrument lights work fine). The fuel pump has been replaced by a modern pump, which makes a loud ticking noise, but works well.

Mechanically, though, this car is nearly perfect. It starts right up every morning, and reliably gets me where I need to go. The motor is strong and healthy, and the transmission works well (first gear is unsynchronized, of course), and the body has no rust. The paint job is new and beautiful. It is currently my daily driver, and will be until the day it sells!

Includes a tonneau cover, a hood (soft-top) cover, and a "custom-fit" water-resistant whole-car cover.

Gets good gas mileage (25 city, 30 hwy). I tracked many of my fill-ups:

This is definitely an 'above average' condition car by anyone's standards. NADA's valuation guide:

The car is untitled, bill-of-sale only, and it is emissions-exempt in Georgia.

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1982 Yamaha XJ750 Maxim -- Atlanta, GA

I have to sell my 1982 Yamaha XJ750 Maxim.  It is in great mechanical condition, and ready to ride away.

The tank has a large dent from the previous owner.  I have owned it for over two years, but haven't ridden it much.  It pulls a little to the left, and has since I bought it, but it doesn't affect riding.  

I have replaced the fuse box, exhaust pipe, brakes and brake hoses, spark plugs, and tires.  It has been very reliable, always there as a backup when I need it.  The carbs are probably due for a cleaning (it takes a few minutes of warming up before you can cut the choke), but once it warms up it rides great.

Asking $1500 or best offer.  Clean title.  Sold as-is, no warranty.  No test rides.
Yamaha XJ750
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1999 Honda CBR600 F4

For sale is a 1999 Honda CBR600 F4.  It needs a cosmetic restore before it is roadworthy, or alternatively would make a great track bike, or parts bike.

I owned this bike for two years in college, and it was stolen from me in spring of 2007.  The police found it years later in a big bust, in poor shape, and returned it to me in October of 2010.

The body was in bad shape (broken pedals, scraped fairings), but the frame, motor, and transmission are still in great shape.  It appears that they where going to stunt it, but low-sided it and never touched it again.  I got the motor going again easily, and then had my mechanic do a full motor/transmission check and restore.  We replaced all of the fluids, gaskets, spark plugs, etc, and the tires, brake pedals, brake pads, and clutch.  I took it home and replaced the radiator, battery, locks, ignition, and wiring harness, too.  I pulled the carbs and cleaned them thoroughly, too.

As it stands, the bike starts right up and rides.  The motor sounds great, the transmission shifts smoothly, and it's ready to go.  It is not road legal, though: no side mirrors, and the lights are on but dangling from the side.  I have mirrors that you can have.  With a few hours of work you could have this thing ugly but road-legal.

I'm asking $1,000 or best offer.  No warranty, sold as-is, and no test rides.  I will be happy to start it up and let you hear it and see it shift into gear.  You will need to bring a truck or trailer, since it's not road legal.
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Vacuum tubes are the past, and the future.

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Did you know that you can learn to read Korean in just 15 minutes? No, for serious! I made a guide just for you!

Free downloadable version:
Learn to read Korean in 15 minutes (8 photos)
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Tempest-cljs, now more awesome, and part of Mozilla's DemoStudio!

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Frontend web development in a Lisp? Why the heck not. Demo of my Tempest game implemented in ClojureScript is up!

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Any ClojureScript specialists out there?
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