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Building content for billions

Have big international ambitions for your business? Even if you’re just starting out, there’s a lot you can do now to set your content up to support global users and commerce when you’re ready. Today’s blog post ( will walk you through the full list, but to get you started, here’s a tip on building content for billions of users:

Design to localize (eventually). On Android, building text-holding elements with more space than necessary for your language will save time as you expand to new languages. On the Web, plan to use a single language for content and navigation, and keep content for each language on separate URLs. Setting up your architecture to support this now will save you re-working later.

This is the first of five posts we’re sharing on how to build Android and Web products for billions of users. Check out our full set of resources and tips at

Anybody here prepared a list of user agents to identify support for polymer?

So one can deploy alternative product instead of polymer one.

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Is it possible to have multiple paper-radio-groups with the same name?
So only one paper-radio-button will be allowed to select at a time.

Scenario here is like this...

I want to allow only one room type should be selected across all the radio groups.

Is there anybody aware of good image carousel?

I found sc-swiper on but it looks like pretty heavy in polydev.

+Google Chrome Developers I love chrome developer tools when I switch to device mode. I see status bar, navigation bar. It would be really nice to see datepickers for the different devices. I'm building app based on polymer, paper input with the date type brings up ugly datepickers. This is the most hateful part about all the browsers. But chrome is ahead of every other competitors. I hope you guys will bring something cool in future. I'm just expecting little early.

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All the material components have default Roboto font. I want to change that to Open Sans. Changing code in bower component is not the solution for sure, how can I get rid of Roboto?
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