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Isak Johnsson
Isak I am, he who laughs. My purpose is to bring harmony into every meeting of the branches on the one Tree of Life at every opportunity I am given.
Isak I am, he who laughs. My purpose is to bring harmony into every meeting of the branches on the one Tree of Life at every opportunity I am given.

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The HTTP header 'Do Not Track' that web users can set their browser to include in every request, should be respected and protected with law. The same goes for the much older robots.txt concept that web servers use to declare what content is allowed to read by spiders or crawlers, like search engines. To not abide them should be a crime (sv. dataintrång).

This law must not be enforced proactively, because that would be surveillance which is out of proportion in relation to the crime. Still many large actors from official and corporate sectors would respect this, especially if whistleblowers could trust their lawful right to civil courage and abide their conscience without fear of repression. The protection of messengers and everyones right to safe communication and data is more important now than ever.

Bye, bye Google!

Moving my services to providers I can trust. Providers that don't give my data, without telling me, to NSA, organ of a body that starts wars for its own good, tortures and commits to many other crimes against humanity.

You had my allowance to use the data to improve my experience and for marketing. Nothing more. Do no evil? Ehh. Double standards would be more appropriate.

I have recommended you to many, thus you have made a shame of me. I apologize for my naivity.

Will continue to use your search engine in cases without alternatives. It will be with anonymizer and proxy filtering out advertisments and Google Analytics.

The same goes for Android. I will strip it to its knees, root it and firewall it.

I might also use your free services for data even you won't be able to parse. Costs without profit.

I will educate others in this.

You should take a stance less spineless than saying that you can't expect e-mails to be private.

In Sweden we have two old laws, protection of mail and of messengers. They are crucial for a just and neutral society. Of course they should extend to cyberspace as well. Not that Sweden is such a society anymore, but many of us are working to restore that status.

Thanks for nothing,


Can someone tell me where I should report this Android usability bug:

My homescreen was locked so I couldn't rearrange icons. When I tried I got a helpful message telling me to fix that. Quite often it's hard to navigate the settings in Android. This time it took me a while to unlock the homescreen.

Settings (Personalization) > Home screen > Homescreen (submenu)
Settings (Personalization)  > Home screen > General > Lock homescreen (toggle)

I went into Settings, just fine, scrolled to Personalization, why not, then Home screen, just fine but not much there, so I took the obvious redundant Homescreen, nothing there. Back. What else? General. Ok, there, "Lock homescreen". Obvious?

Be consistent. Call it Homescreen or "Home screen" 

Avoid redundancy. I am already on "Home screen"-settings why is there a sumbmeny with "Homescreen"-settings there?

Be structured. Why is "Lock homescreen" not on the same submenu as the homescreen settings?

Questions are rethoric. No techincal explanation necessary. I just want to be of help telling about possible improvements as I go along.

Am on Cyanogenmod 10.2-nightly which is Android 4.3 (AOSP). The launcher is Trebuchet 1.0.

If a system is well structured, there are possibilites to use the system in ways not foreseen when building it.

Idea: Collaborative Web (CWeb). Let users create hyperlinks from one web page to another, e.g. link a word to it's definition in the Wikipedia or Wiktionary. In Web 1.0, the author makes the links. CWeb would allow users to overlay hyperlinks in any web page. Are they too many, irrelevant or conflicting, a reputation and voting system, like Slashdot uses, could be beneficial.

Implementation inspiration: GreaseMonkey, Chrome extension, distributed peer-to-peer document database (like Bitcoins, Couchbase, which others?).

Does this exist already? In part or in full? How is it deployed? Further ideas on the same topic? Do you believe in it?

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Just donated $50 to build the future... :)

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