The Power of Seven

I'm currently fiddling with ideas for a game inspired by Supernatural (the TV show) and In Nomine (the RPG).  My biggest concern is creating balance between divine and mortal PCs while maintaining an internally-consistent, believable game world.  Here's my thoughts on defining each type of PC...

Angels and Demons
* Angels must follow the word of God, demons must avoid defying the commands of Lucifer (limited free will).  This means they are subject to certain unavoidable compels, and cannot directly invoke a mortal's High Concept or Trouble.  Instead, they must place aspects on the scene that allow them to indirectly invoke a mortal's aspect.
* Angels personify one of the seven virtues, and cannot be compelled by the opposite vice.  No amount of effort can get an angel of Chastity to succumb to Lust, even if the player wishes otherwise.  However, it is possible for an angel to Fall if Taken Out in an arena relevant to a different vice.  The angel of Chastity can still Fall if driven to extreme Wrath.
* Demons focus on one of the seven deadly sins, but aren't as committed as angels (which is why they Fell in the first place).  A demon can only be compelled by its opposite virtue if aspects have been placed on it that make it vulnerable.  A demon of Lust could be compelled to Chastity if the right aspects were placed on it over time (first I Like Her, then I Care For Her Deeply, and finally I Love Her More Than Myself).  This could be a path to Redemption.
* Must have a vessel to walk the Earth.  The vessel is a normal human body, but does not have an Extreme consequence.  Vessels (with rare exceptions) are harvested, not created.  Most vessels are vacant (their mortal occupants having died or their souls having ascended/decended) but a select few invite the divine being to take over.
* Can have supernatural powers, and use those powers while in a vessel.
* Taking a Serious consequence causes the vessel to be rendered unusable at the end of the scene (even from Social consequences).  Vessel death results in return to Heaven/Hell.  A successful challenge is required to return to Earth (the nature of which depends on how the vessel was lost).
* Mortals limit the powers of angels and demons.  The more mortal observers, the harder it is to manifest supernatural powers.
* With rare exceptions, the creations of man cannot accurately depict divine manifestations (this includes modern technology).
* Most technology (generally Industrial Revolution and later) has the aspect By Humans, For Humans.  Mortal PCs can compel this aspect to cause technology to fail when used by a divine being...unless the divine being has the item as an aspect.  Example:  John attempts to compel By Humans, For Humans to cause the demon's shotgun to misfire, but the demon has the aspect This Is My Boomstick!, and ignores the compel.

* Have free will, and are not restricted in actions or use of Fate.
* Have Extreme consequences, and can be removed from play when Taken Out (death, Life in prison, etc).  Can be healed by divine powers.
* Do not have supernatural powers by default, but a select few gain powers through faith, oaths, bargains, and/or knowledge man was not meant to know (TM).
* Can use items of power (relics, etc).
* Have access to technology (within reason)
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